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Comment: Re:Opportunities for profit (Score 1) 12

by SST-206 (#43107819) Attached to: The Green Grid Publishes New Data Center Recycling Metric

At some point, when natural mines are all but exhausted, that'll change, but not for now. By then we'll see current waste deposits become the new mines

Indeed. And in this case, surely it would be a good idea if we started burying E-waste in separate dedicated E-waste dumps instead of in with all the other landfill trash, so we can find it more easily when we need it again.

Comment: Too fast (Score 1) 239

by SST-206 (#37808660) Attached to: "World's Most Relaxing Music" Composed

UGH, stupid BaceFook walled garden and Soundclod pages which don't play; I finally found it on YouTube:

Marconi Union - Weightless (Radox) HighQuality Audio (most relaxing tune)

The heartbeat is way too fast! Since at 60bpm it is half dance music speed of ~120bpm(+), the brain merely interpolates the extra beats in between. Remember the quote:

"127 - disco heaven!" :-)

Everyone knows slower reggae/hip-hop tempos around 90bpm are more mellow. So a tempo of 90 or 45 would work better, or if they'd wanted to relax people, use a steadily slowing down tempo say ranging imperceptibly gradually from 100bpm to 40bpm.

The ever-changing randomly-placed sounds and panning are distracting, not relaxing. The drifty evolving analogue pad sounds are nice, but there is so much else wrong with this to know where to begin. There is nothing new here that Eno wasn't already doing in the late 1970's. But I guess it's all about the self-promotion and attention-seeking. Perhaps these so-called experts and scientists should come and visit my record collection. Or just check out artists like Oophoi.

"the UK's leading therapeutic sound practitioner"



+ - Scary USB marketing device 8

Submitted by snookerhog
snookerhog (1835110) writes "My boss just came back from a trade show and passed me one of these USB marketing devices. I assumed that it was just a micro flash drive that had some web links or PDFs on it so I stuck it in my computer. After a brief delay and quick driver install, my Run window (Windows 7) opened on its own and typed in a URL to the advertising company's website. This little device is not a storage media, but a crafty little keyboard emulator.

this tech is new to me and it seems pretty scary, especially since I am logged in to my computer with admin rights. Anyone else played with one of these?"

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