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by SMOKEING (#43803193) Attached to: Meet Pidora, the New Official Fedora Remix For Raspberry Pi

This is a perfect example of brand blunder. No offence to the Canadian team, but a perfect brand blunder it is. It's probably not a direct equivalent of pushing a product badly mis-named for the target market, but it will eventuate in a whole lot of misunderstandings, all totally undeserved.

A little bit of linguistic research would be appropriate. OTOH, we have GIMP, and everyone is getting happily along with it...

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SMOKEING (1176111) writes "New Linux distributions nowadays do not necessarily make breaking news, yet the arrival of a Fedora remix for Raspberry Pi managed to attract unhealthy attention, and for all the wrong reasons (Pidora announcement on G+): for any Russian-speaking bloke the word "Pidora" stands linguistically just too closely to "bugger". It's arguably a serious brand blunder), which it's interesting how the Canadian team is (or is not) going to extricate itself from."
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> Seriously, what good are programs you can check and compile yourself?!

When source is open, it's not so much for end users to inspect it (although they very well might), but for them to rest assured that *others did*, and verified it's clean.  That's the whole bloody point of any Linux distribution.

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How is this heap of ramblings insightful?

> NTFS still is offering features that takes several layers of software on Linux to copy..."
Kernel has XFS for some, ReiserFS for others, ext4 for the rest of us, and then some: see You would score a point if you cited ZFS as a FS with "some fairly advanced features", but NTFS just isn't that advanced among the rest.

> Linux had a huge chance...
Troll. Mod him bloody down someone?

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