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Comment lolZ (Score 1) 82

sry but those benchmarks are not even close to right. since when does the 280 score 2000 points more than the 4870 1 gig. sry not a chance. when you guys post benchmarks, at least post correct ones. and 1920x1200 at 4x aa and 16x af is not a valid benchmark because those are not 3d marks default (and online comparable for that matter) settings. this is not a nvidia fan boy cry, i run nvidia myself lol but i know what the 4870's can really do.

Comment error in post (Score 1) 238

this was a pair of RV770 cores that AMD had to use in order to best the likes of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX false. im sorry to break it to yous but one 4870X2 mops the floor of even two GTX280's in sli. and dont try to say im just a whiny fan boy. this is not the case as i am running a 9600GT. i buy whats worth the money for the performance im getting. With that being said, ATI has been raping the market when it comes to price for performance for the last 2-3 years non stop. NVIDIA needs to get into the game and stop selling their inferior cards at such rediculous prices. If they make something that owns ATI's cards, well then they should at least make the price feasible. not dropping a 600+ price tag on it. thats not the way to sell a video card when u can get a 4870X2 for under 500 bucks. Come on NVIDIA, we're waiting for a real performance/bargain.

Comment those who want, will. (Score 1) 1117

if you allow the students to bring these laptops home, then whatever you put on them for security or filtering is all null and void to the people that want to get around it. those who want to get around it...will. its that simple. they could simply format the drives at home and install their own OS without the schools additional monitoring/filtering software. And another small thing. being able to remotely monitor ones laptop when they are in their homes, is definitely invasion of privacy.

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