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Comment: Re:Nope (Score 1) 229

by vux984 (#49167877) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC

well the issue i am having now is that i have to pull the battery to do a real reset. how will the GS6 deal with that? when the soft button combo wont do a reset, pull the battery!

I've never run into an iPhone where I couldn't do the hard reset with the soft buttons. I'm sure its probably happened to somebody out there, and if they'd been able to pull the battery that would have been another option for them.

I also can't remember the last time I had to physically take the battery out of a laptop or pull the plug on a desktop computer either because the power off button combo wasn't being responded too.

You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Comment: Re:80% of statistics are made up (Score 1) 184

by david_thornley (#49167829) Attached to: Foxconn Factories' Future: Fewer Humans, More Robots

Underemployed doesn't mean just part-time workers who want to go full-time. It also means people who have had to get a job considerably below their abilities.

The number of stay-at-home spouses, students, and early retirees depends on the ability to get good jobs. Some early retirees saved a whole lot and were able to take a comfortable early retirement, and some lost their jobs, couldn't get anything comparable, and gave up. Some stay-at-home spouses planned to be that way, and some lost their jobs, or couldn't get good jobs, and decided to contribute by doing the housework.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 184

by david_thornley (#49167765) Attached to: Foxconn Factories' Future: Fewer Humans, More Robots

You seem to be assuming that Annie can immediately find another job, as a basket maker. This is nowhere near certain, and so there's a lot of short-term pain.

In your second example, you also seem to be assuming that Annie and Bill need nothing but pies and baskets. Since the price of baskets and pies drops by a factor of ten, everything else Annie and Bill want to buy is relatively ten times as expensive.

What probably happens is that Annie and Bob are forced to close their businesses and get jobs for minimum wage working for Mike. They're worse off, and Mike is better off by the exact same amount. Therefore, Mike not only gets the benefits of being able to make baskets and pies cheap and in large quantities, but he concentrates wealth in his own hands.

Comment: Re:FCC CREATES Internet monopolies (Score 1) 226

Under what authority did you plan to get rights of way and pole attachments? Most ISPs that I'm familiar with don't control the last mile, which is a natural monopoly. If the city runs the last mile and allows citizens to connect up to any Internet access point, what's wrong with that?

Comment: Re:Of Two Minds on This (Score 1) 226

What is this "the government"? There are thousands of governments in the US. This ruling was about allowing municipal governments to create a data service despite state law to the contrary. (If anything is interstate commerce, the Internet is.) Subsidizing the service is up to the city, and that will have to compete with all other city services, and if it becomes a political hot potato won't happen. Local governments have to be pretty responsive to the people.

Comment: Re:Republicans are totally out to lunch on this is (Score 1) 226

When was this time of one provider? Decades ago, and by that I mean 1995 at the very latest, most people were on dial-up. We didn't get off it until later, and we're a technophile family. Dial-up had the advantage of hooking up to any provider, and back then a 56K modem was good enough for most purposes.

Comment: Re:Great News (Score 1) 226

Hate speech is legal in the US, unless it's directly inciting violence. You can say that Xs are subhuman, violent, undesirable, and should be killed. Saying "Kill the X!", meaning a specific person available for attack, and intending to cause such an attack, is inciting violence. (There are possible legal consequences to hate speech; along with many other things, it may be considered for sentencing for things that are crimes for other reasons.)

If the Feds try censoring hate speech on the Internet, somebody's going to mount a court challenge and prove it's legal.

Comment: Re: Authority (Score 1) 226

The "Necessary and Proper" doesn't mean Congress can do anything. It means Congress can legally pass laws that support its duties. For example, since interstate commerce is a Congressional responsibility, it can pass laws on interstate commerce, and laws that enable agencies to carry out those laws.

The Federalist Papers were propaganda written by three people on their own initiative. They have no legal standing, and they do not represent any opinions other than the three people behind Publius. The Framers were not a hive mind, but rather a group of rather intelligent and opinionated men.

Comment: Re:One Word ... (Score 1) 226

No, the Supreme Court said that corporations have First Amendment rights. The stockholders and officers of corporations always had First Amendment rights, and I don't know anybody who argues against that. The question was whether a corporation could donate corporate funds to political campaigns, since it was always fine for stockholders and corporate officers to do so.

Comment: Re:How is this different than encrypted online bac (Score 1) 135

by david_thornley (#49167245) Attached to: Under US Pressure, PayPal Stops Working With Mega

If you want to use something like Dropbox and don't want anybody to know what you've got, encrypt it yourself.

A cloud service account is a backup, in the sense of a copy that won't go away for the same reasons your primary copy does, but no backup solution is perfect.

Comment: Re:"Haters" (Score 1) 188

by david_thornley (#49167221) Attached to: One Astronomer's Quest To Reinstate Pluto As a Planet

Try to make a reasonable definition of "planet" that includes the traditional nine ones, and no more. It's easy to come up with a definition that specifies eight planets, and it's easy to come up with a definition that specifies lots of them. It's hard to come up with something reasonable that includes Pluto and doesn't include, say, Ceres and some Kuiper-belt objects.

"Everyone's head is a cheap movie show." -- Jeff G. Bone