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Comment Re:You better fix your unicode characters (Score 1) 14

Just because Trump attends a Presbyterian church doesn't make him Christian, it makes him a wolf in sheep's clothing. Trump worships only two things: Himself, and the ancient Greek god Plutus.

I hate it when someone who seems to always go against Jesus' teachings claims to be a Christian.

That goes for all the Republicans, with the possible exception of Carson and perhaps Rubio. Actually I have my doubts about almost all politicians. You know what Christ said about lawyers and the rich, which almost all of the Senators, Congresspeople, Governors, and President.

The optimal answer is for politics to avoid setting itself in conflict with faith, and there are reasonable compromises to achieve this.

Agreed. Remember the three in the furnace who were to be burned alive for refusing to follow the law and bow to the idol. I'm not Hindu, but I would be aghast if they passed a law making it mandatory to eat beef every Saturday.

As to the unicode, that's slashdot's fuckup.

Comment Re:Hillary has... been opposed to single payer (Score 1) 25

You are pants are on fire?

IMO any of the three Democrats would be a better President than any of the Republicans, although there are two or three Republicans that might not fuck up America too badly.

Perhaps the conspiracy was cooked up by her supporters? The insurance companies are the major reason health care is so expensive and ineffective here.

I'm disgusted by the Republican candidates' cowardice and heartlessness when it comes to refugees, and the fact that none have served in the military but are all for going to war. Back in the Vietnam war days those sorts were called "chicken hawks", and you'll find few veterans who can stomach them.

Unless you're rich and white you'd be a fool to vote for any of them.

Comment Re:This is *SO* unethical ! (Score 1) 218

Clauses in legally binding agreements that grant one party the ability to unilaterally change the terms of those agreements are illegal in most places where the rule of law has any meaning. That's one of the reasons almost every contractual agreement, of which EULAs are one kind, have a clause that says if any of the terms are illegal they are void.

Comment Re:unpossible software hack? (Score 1, Insightful) 218

If you give them enough money, they'll do whatever you want. The question is only of the relative cost. Getting something custom done in open source is sometimes a matter of asking and waiting, or of paying a developer to do it for you. Getting something done in closed source might be a matter of filing a request under your support agreement, or it might mean a very expensive contract.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 341

there is literally no way they can arrest the 50 people in a circle for possession

I'd suggest taking a long hard look at how the federal conspiracy laws are written and utilized in this country. There are many many people rotting away in prisons across the US for doing a lot less association with "criminal activity" than what you've suggested here. Sucks but it's true.

Comment Re:unpossible software hack? (Score 5, Informative) 218

A quick look at their source suggests that they are using something called BLOX CMS, and their nameservers are run by TownNews, which is apparently the company behind BLOX.

BLOX is advertised as "Cloud-based" with "No hardware or software to install & maintain".

This all suggests that they actually cannot make such a change, by virtue of using an SaaS solution they have no control over.

Comment Re:Short FPC history and goals overview (Score 4, Interesting) 122

23 years ago? That makes it 1992? I was using Turbo Pascal in 1989!

Re-read the summary.

It says 23 years ago development on the Turbo Pascal compatible project "Free Pascal" was started.

It does NOT say 23 years ago development on Turbo Pascal itself was started.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 455

If dealers don't want to sell them, let manufacturers sell direct to the customers.

Taking the dealer network out of the equation is largely irrelevant.

If VW or GM or Ford open a direct to customers showroom and service center the sales team there aren't going to be any more motivated than the dealer network to sell electric cars. The managers are STILL going to be pushing the upsell service packages and cars that will bring the owners in for additional services too; and the commission structure and sales incentive plans will be counting those metrics.

The exception of course is manufacturers that only make electric cars. So ... Tesla.

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