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Comment Re:it reminds me (Score 1) 404

I'm talking about the customer moving the carts in and out of the building, not those little half doors that employees use to return carts from the lot through.

If you're concerned with the power generation that the revolving door could generate, just put those plates near the door and let the people (and their heavy carts!) go over the plates like has been done at many train stations?

Comment Re:it reminds me (Score 1) 404

But there's another idea for Sainsbury - install revolving doors, and attach them to rotary electrical motors to generate electrical power (BTW, typically rotary motors are much more efficient that rocking motors as in the original article's plates). That way, they could extract energy from their customer's bodies, not their cars, and you couldn't escape this entrance tax (for that's what this is) by walking to the store. If you extracted 50 joules per customer that way, and you had one customer per door per second, that's 50 watts, enough to light a light bulb over the entrance.

Have you ever tried to push a shopping cart through a revolving door?

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