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User Journal

SIIHP's Journal: KDawson engaging in censorship, but does that surprise you? 2

Journal by SIIHP

Today I posted a question regarding KDawson, and his ridiculous, immoral, irresponsible editing.

Immediately after he began modding any comments in that thread that were critical of him down, and modding those that praised him, or were critical of his critics, up.

I have to wonder why he thinks we don't know it's him, or why he thinks he's so important that he can lie, distort, and censor while still trying to claim moral high ground.

You are a scumbag dawson, and you deserve to get punched in the face for your disgusting behavior.

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KDawson engaging in censorship, but does that surprise you?

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  • Forgive me if this doesn't work as desired. I haven't yet used the Slashdot Journal System. So I'm not certain this will do what I desire (or what the best way to communicate anonymous user to anonymous user via Slashdot).

    I was perplexed by your post to the "SAS CEO Blasts Old-School Schooling" thread entitled "Re:But you're missing the point of school."

    Your other posts to that thread seemed rather consistent. So I'm presuming you were not trolling. Possibly you were being humorous. But I doubt that. I am m
    • Is making any assumptions at all about what I am doing or why.

      Sometimes I do troll, sometimes I'm serious, and sometimes I'm the devil's advocate for no reason other than I want to be.

      As to your request, I will politely decline. Not because of how you asked or what you wanted from me, but because I simply don't want to.

      I do however, appreciate your post, it was well thought out and polite.

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