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Comment: Re:Probably saved more lives with jamming (Score 1) 427

the difference is that a person in the car with you is still aware of the surroundings and is a potential extra set of eyes that can see things happening around you (ie. if you're about to drive through a stop sign, or if someone runs out into the road infront of you). Talking on cell phone, completely different.

Comment: Planning my next grand adventure (Score 1) 187

by SGDarkKnight (#43853061) Attached to: My plans for summer ...

This summer I'm planning my next big trip for next year. I already burned all my vacation doing a trip of a life time, and may very well not be able to top it, but I will see what I can plan out. Earlier this year (the coles notes version) i climbed/hiked 3 mountains, 1 volcano, 1 galcier, canyoning, caving, cliff jumping, absailing, ziplining, jumped off a 200m tower, a 134m bungee jump, a 15,000ft skydive, swam with white tipped reef sharks, went diving at the great barrier reef, hiked through a few rain forests, climed to the top of 3 grand waterfalls, sailing for 3 days across the whitsundays, and more i'm sure i'm forgetting to mention. All within 6 weeks, across 10,000km covering New Zealand and Australia. I think my bucket list is almost empty, and topping that trip will be difficult!

Comment: Re:What about... (Score 1) 262

Acutally it's a law in china that they are allowed to pull students from school and put them to work in the factory until production levels are met for their launch date. They get away with it by stating it's some sort of work co-op program, even though the hours are brutal just as the work conditions. That's also why their suicide levels are higher. Google the conditions on apple factories in China and you will find ample articles on it

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