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Comment: Re:Probably saved more lives with jamming (Score 1) 427

the difference is that a person in the car with you is still aware of the surroundings and is a potential extra set of eyes that can see things happening around you (ie. if you're about to drive through a stop sign, or if someone runs out into the road infront of you). Talking on cell phone, completely different.

Comment: Planning my next grand adventure (Score 1) 187

by SGDarkKnight (#43853061) Attached to: My plans for summer ...

This summer I'm planning my next big trip for next year. I already burned all my vacation doing a trip of a life time, and may very well not be able to top it, but I will see what I can plan out. Earlier this year (the coles notes version) i climbed/hiked 3 mountains, 1 volcano, 1 galcier, canyoning, caving, cliff jumping, absailing, ziplining, jumped off a 200m tower, a 134m bungee jump, a 15,000ft skydive, swam with white tipped reef sharks, went diving at the great barrier reef, hiked through a few rain forests, climed to the top of 3 grand waterfalls, sailing for 3 days across the whitsundays, and more i'm sure i'm forgetting to mention. All within 6 weeks, across 10,000km covering New Zealand and Australia. I think my bucket list is almost empty, and topping that trip will be difficult!

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