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Comment: Re:Interval Training (Score 1) 437

by SEAL (#39063691) Attached to: Scientists Study How Little Exercise You Need

RE: injury, I agree... for running. People new to running should start with slowly building up daily mileage and maintain a low-to-moderate pace. HIIT running is a high injury risk. But for cycling, go for it. On an indoor trainer, HIIT cycling is very safe and beneficial. Recovery is still important, so you'll see most HIIT programs go 3 days per week with light activity on the alternating days.

The problem with these HIIT recommendations is that they still come across as tricks to minimize exercise... as if exercise is something to avoid. People need to get out of that mentality. Do something active every day. Go a little harder every other day. You'll improve. Just be consistent and make it a priority in your life.

Despite the /. fun, I'm a 3x Ironman and lifelong athlete.

Comment: Re:Can I pick two options? (Score 1) 469

by SEAL (#34427308) Attached to: WikiLeaks Should...

I suspect strongly that the only reason Castro was never assassinated was that noone in the US government ever really cared all that much (yes, the Cuban-American community has always wanted Cuba out from under his thumb, but it's not like Cuba is really important enough to waste much time on, from the US perspective).

What's there to gain? Killing him doesn't undo the Cuban revolution. Castro's replacement is his brother.

Then weigh the fact that the U.S. has a very favorable agreement for the use of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base -- it's insanely cheap and the lease can be renewed for infinity as long as one side agrees. Assassinating Castro would cause that arrangement to be terminated.

Comment: Re:There's a lot more to this than Ballmer (Score 1) 650

by SEAL (#34158340) Attached to: Income Tax Quashed, Ballmer To Cash In Billions

Oh I forgot to toss in another tidbit. To all those who are saying that sales tax hits the poor much harder than the rich:

- Washington state doesn't charge sales tax on grocery food items, which are a good percentage of spending for someone at the poverty line.
- Washington state citizens are allowed to use their expenditures on sales tax for the year, or a standard value, as a deduction on their federal income tax.

Both of those things reduce the sales tax pain quite a bit.

Comment: Re:There's a lot more to this than Ballmer (Score 3, Insightful) 650

by SEAL (#34150156) Attached to: Income Tax Quashed, Ballmer To Cash In Billions

There's an even more pressing concern. The income tax proponents state it as only taxing the rich (i.e. 200k+ income per year). Just like the AMT in federal law, though, it is not indexed for inflation. So even if the state legislature left it unmodified by some miracle, people would start falling into the tax trap.

Anyone who believes we're not in for some massive inflation is in a fantasy world. The Fed is printing money left and right.

Comment: Re:The question is still absurd... (Score 4, Informative) 1042

by SEAL (#32503986) Attached to: 2 In 3 Misunderstand Gas Mileage; Here's Why

Addition of 10% ethanol, which is common, does not have a significant impact on gas mileage and it certainly does not "destroy" it. A quick look at Wikipedia on energy density shows that a 90-10 gasoline-ethanol mix produces about 93% of the energy of pure gasoline. Now if you're talking about "flex-fuel" E85, then yeah, you're going to see a noticeable mileage drop. But that is not a common fuel.

Also ethanol acts as an oxygenate, to make the gas burn more completely and reduce carbon monoxide emissions. Pricewise - prior to oxygenating with ethanol, we were using MTBE anyhow, which has health risks and is a ground water contaminant.

So your post is mostly over-hyped nonsense. Now in a general sense, should corn be used to produce ethanol? No, and that's a result of the lobby that you mentioned. But they've affected much more than ethanol usage (see: high-fructose corn syrup and how they essentially killed sugarcane production in Hawaii).

Ethanol production from sugarcane, and to a lesser extent, beets, is much more energy efficient than corn.

Comment: Re:Say goodbye for XML (Score 1) 272

by SEAL (#30539222) Attached to: Microsoft Ordered To Pay $290M, Stop Selling Word

Also in reading the details of that patent, one could argue that the CSS standard also applies (separating content from layout). RFC 2318, describing CSS, was written early enough to constitute prior art.

However, IANAL and I have to assume that Microsoft's legal team probably investigated this possibility and ruled it out for some reason.

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein