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Comment: Re:Pre-ordering (Score 1) 221 221

How is that not winning?

You're enabling awful business practices by publishers to push shit out the door.

The only two games I'm seriously looking forward to are Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain and Street Fighter V.

Both of which I'm guessing won't have these problems. I don't know why Japanese devs aren't having these problems but western ones are.

Comment: Re:Nice hardware, too bad it's being released by M (Score 1) 99 99

Of course the regular Xb1 controller also does USB. But not including the play and charge battery block is just a jerk move. Especially for a controller that costs 150 bones.

Wireless play and charge kit for the 360 didn't support Usb control btw. You needed a dingus that plugged in via USB for *any* wireless controller. The Xbox's controller didn't have a standard USB dingus at the end. That thing is a third party hack.

Comment: Re:this model is a finite bubble. (Score 1) 141 141

That's where Beats 1 radio and Connect come in. The music on Beats 1 is specifically curated to stop this problem and Connect is meant to allow up and coming artists to upload music and interact with fans.

I don't think Connect is going to be a success by any measure but I think that Eddy Cue's team cares a lot about that particular problem.

If you look at the business model, selling 10 dollar a month subscriptions is going to run dry if you're just going to play the same songs over and over again from the same artists. If you can convince people to listen for new music and curated playlists from DJs with incredibly good taste, then they keep subscribing. This was the Beats Radio business model and I'm not shocked Apple bought them.

The record industry needs Apple more than Apple needs the record industry. It's clear the recording industry is full of idiots who couldn't sell a popsicle to a man in hell. Meanwhile, new acts are showing up all the time and they're not monetizing this huge sea of amazing music because they're all stuck in the Top 40's mindset where they promote a few acts. It has become easier than ever to put together something that sounds amazing in your own home.

Comment: Nice hardware, too bad it's being released by MS. (Score 1) 99 99

I was looking at this and Hololens and was kind of excited. I'm not a fan of Microsoft, but hey, they're putting out some cool stuff.

Then I found out for your $150, they're not giving you a play and charge battery.

Bollocks. What the fuck Microsoft? At least it's controllable over USB now.

Comment: Re:What is being missed... is the $2 million part. (Score 5, Funny) 456 456

"Yeah, you're just going to have to sit in the sweltering heat during summer school until ThunderfuckThor69 sends us the PSU we need for a 30 year old computer made by a company very few of you have ever heard of."

Yeah, that'd go over well with me as a kid. Or my parents.

Comment: Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 104 104

I think casual is where it gets less fun because if one casual player in a pool of several casual players pulls better cards than everyone else, especially at common and uncommon, pulling a Comet Storm in your rare slot in a pack of Modern Masters 2015 is that much worse.

I don't think Wizards is just going to sit by and let this happen though. My huge hope is that with standard going to two, two set blocks coming soon with Origins, this is going to make WotC R&D tighten up sets and have less chaff.

I think if they really wanted to balance better for casual, they should stick better cards in preconstructed decks.

It'd also help with the problem where even slightly less casual play like FNM events get less painful in the wallet with great cards being near giveaways. It'd be great for game shops on the second hand market too. I'm guessing that enough people would more willing to spend at 15 bucks per card than at 30 or 40. The price on Thoughtseize completely sucks at 20 bucks, and prior to the reprint in Theros it was *60*.

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