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Comment: Re:Failsafe? (Score 1) 461

The Failsafe? Don't release it as a real product.

In *concept* this sounds really stupidly cool. Everyone on /. has pointed out why it's not so great in reality.

However, if anyone were stupid enough to do this in reality, they're also now looking to pay for the patent licensing rights...

Remember everyone, this is a *patent filing*. Not a product announcement. Then again no one pays attention to that warning when it turns out Apple has patented some kind of solid aluminium time travel device and iPhone case so why should we start now?

Comment: Re:Get a set of BALLS raymorris (Score 1) 69

Either APK is truly sexist, stupid and crazy, or this is a super clever APK troll. Only if we had some sort of way for him to possibly enter credentials verifying it's actually him... :)

Now the big question, is APK sexist, crazy/stupid AND racist? Will he make the ESR hat trick?

Comment: Re:What the fuck is this thing? (Score 1) 69

I hate replyin to ACs. But, no. What sped up the iPhone and iPad Air wasn't the low resolution. We aren't talking about gamin or graphics performance, we are talking about raw CPU performance.

The transition to 64 bit wasn't the secret sauce, the secret sauce was that a lot of legacy CPU behavior in 32 bit mode went away. So when running in pure 64 bit mode, the CPU was way more efficient.

It's like the x64 transition.

Comment: Re:Big Difference (Score 1) 210

What I'm curious about is how the system is implemented and will that matter?

If they're using Slingbox style implementation and using the customer's own outbound connection to stream, then things are way less murky for Dish.

If they're using their own infrastructure to serve out shows, then things are less clear about retransmission rights. Given the vast amount of storage needed, I don't think they are.

I suspect this will be a home run for Dish. They ARE paying the piper, and they're handing customers what is essentially a slingbox with a satellite STB. Unlike Aereo, I think Dish has it's ducks in a row.

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