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Linux Business

+ - Microsoft Paid Novell $356 Million in '07

Submitted by Anonymous
Anonymous (666) writes "At the end of this piece at, it's reported that Microsoft paid Novell $355.6 million last year as part of their "interoperability" deal. It's no small wonder, then, that Novell executives are saying the deal has been a huge success so far."
Intel by OSTG

Intel G35 chipset supports DirectX 10 in hardware 31

Submitted by OSTG Marketing Dept.
Intel's next-generation G35 chipset , scheduled for a Q3 2007 launch, will have hardware support for DirectX 10. The G35 chipset will support Intel Clear Video marchitecture; you can use it together with ICH8, ICH8R or ICH8DH. "This chipset supports the upcoming quad and dual 45 nanometre cores, Yorkfield and Wolfdale. It supports FSB 1333 and DDR 2 800 only. If you want DDR 3 support, you will have to buy the G33 but thi

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Brings Boston to a Halt 804

Posted by samzenpus
from the we-do-whatever-we-want-to-whomever-we-want-at-all-times dept.
An anonymous reader writes "An ad campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force featuring the Mooninites Ignignot and Err caused major security concerns in Boston, MA when magnetic light displays were mistaken for possible bombs. The displays included one of Ignignot flipping the bird (as hard as he could), but Gov. Deval Patrick was not amused."

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