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Comment: Re:Idiotic (Score 1) 590

for the guilty it's too easy

While I agree with you that it's all about revenge, I don't like that quoted line. Saying it's "too easy" means that the person should do "hard time", aka revenge. Our justice system should be about correction, rehabilitation, and protection:
- If someone judged guilty can somehow repay for their crimes, they should (i.e. you smash into a brick wall and destroy it with your car, you are required to help rebuild it with no or little pay)
- If someone judged guilty can be helped or rehabilitated to lead a life where they do not harm others, they should (drug addicts who commit crimes are a prime candidate for this)
- If someone judged guilty cannot be rehabilitated, they are kept in prison not as punishment for the guilt but as protection for society

In that third case, whatever the imprisoned does shouldn't matter. Give them a solitary confinement room with a shower and a TV and a decent bed and keep them there for the rest of their life; society is still safe. If there is some way to make them give back to society as a whole, such as rote work that isn't in high demand but still useful (for instance, having to sort through garbage to find recyclables), they should do that to keep what little pleasures they have (such as the TV).

Comment: Re:workshop (Score 1) 229

In Team Fortress 2, "free users" are limited in trading, crafting, and backpack slots. Anyone who bought the game before it went free-to-play, or that make any purchase in the Mann Co. store (even as little as 99c).

For those that are "free" users and just absolutely have no money, there is one more alternative: Upgrade to Premium Gift can be given to them by another player, and will grant them a premium account. (I can't find the exact price at the moment, but I recall it being inexpensive.) I imagine that if there are enough of these edge cases, Valve will introduce a similar item for Steam in general.

Comment: Re:Can't say as I blame them. (Score 1) 229

I used to just accept any friend request until these bots started showing up. Now if I get a friend request from a Lv0/1 user, and the profile is private (the bots are always private; perhaps they think people are more likely to accept if they aren't able to see the lack of game time?), I Block it.

Comment: Re:Ok.... Here's the thing, though ..... (Score 1) 533

by RyoShin (#49547879) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

Why can't we do all of the above? Improve battery tech, improve solar output and grid stabilization, improve and encourage energy conservation. As all three move forward, the various curves will meet at some point where battery tech is good enough to handle storing excess energy put out by the grid and solar panels, while energy conservation means less energy is required to fulfill all needs.

Comment: Re:How Did We Get Here? (Score 1) 234

by RyoShin (#49531333) Attached to: Can Online Reporting System Help Prevent Sexual Assaults On Campus?

Rape rates on colleges are LOWER than outside of college:

I think this feeds back into it, actually.

Consider a medium-sized city where there are fender-benders and mild accidents every day for years. In this case, no one really pays them heed, because it's accepted as a part of life.

Now imagine the same city, which has miraculously gone years without so much as a fender-bender. Then, one day, a light collision occurs, which doesn't even require a trip to the auto-body shop (which is good, because by this point all of those shops have closed), but because it's so freakishly rare it's huge news. Newspapers and radio stations are running lengthy pieces devoted to it, and editorials are exclaiming "How could this happen?!" Politicians/community leaders and making promises left and right for how they'll stop a fender-bender from ever happening again. There's extreme focus on this situation, where someone in NYC wouldn't even bother to glance if it were to happen there.

And so it happens in this case. As the rate of rapes on campuses continue to fall, each instance (or at least claim) gets more attention, both because of rarity in part because there are more resources available for said attention. The more attention each individual instance gets, the larger the call for someone to do something, and the larger the call the heavier the response. It's some weird inverse of conflict escalation ("If we wear bullet proof vests they'll get hollow-point bullets, if we use thick shields they'll get grenades", etc.)

That said, I do agree with your cynicism. Because of the above, it gives those who would use bad situations to increase their own power/position/money a nice target, someone they can vilify without repercussions even if the accused is found to be completely innocent.

(For those about to lash out, please know that I'm not saying rape is on the same severity level as a fender bender; that was merely a car-related example--as is /. tradition--of how the frequency of an event can inversely affect the proportion of the response.)

Comment: Re:Why have 2 wheels when you can have one? (Score 1) 134

by RyoShin (#49530487) Attached to: Chinese Ninebot Buys US Rival Segway

I never really understand the comments, particularly on a tech site like this, such as 'why don't you just walk you lazy'

Because, as it seems to me, there is more interest in showing others you are "superior" (look at me, I can save a bunch of money and just walk!) rather than think of all the potential benefits/uses of non-standard technology. I say "non-standard" because I have yet to see a post where someone says "Who cares about the computer, I can use an abacus and paper just fine!"

Whether this is a nerd thing, taking our superiority in computers and thinking we're just as awesome in everything else, or a shift in the types of users that regularly use the site I don't know. The best examples of those kind of posts can be seen in any article about weight loss. You will see a myriad of posts with variations of "Just eat less and work out more", many that will be modded +5 Insightful.

Comment: Re:Zoloft is a 1000 times worse (Score 1) 187

by RyoShin (#49497691) Attached to: Acetaminophen Reduces Both Pain and Pleasure, Study Finds

If I may ask, when did you begin running? Was it before you tried the anti-depressants, while trying them, or after you stopped? At any point did you take a long hiatus from running, either before you started anti-depressants and then picked it up after you started, or stopped and started while on the same anti-depressant?

(I deal with depression, currently on Celexa and Welbutrin; I've tried Zoloft in the past with same effects as GP, and most recently had a go with Venlaxflexin. I'm curious in drug-free possibilities, but boy do I hate running.)

Comment: Re:Holding the nose again? (Score 1) 676

by RyoShin (#49473379) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

By W. Warren, do you mean Elizabeth Warren? (I can't find anything relevant for "W. Warren") In a recent interview with NPR, Elizabeth Warren unequivocally said she would not run for President:

But you don't want to run, still?

I do not.

This doesn't mean she won't throw her name in in the next 16 months, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I would love to see her run, too, but she is also a good force in Congress and I don't want to see that get more lopsided with her absence...

Comment: Re:Abraham Lincoln's quote on internet truth (Score 1) 126

by RyoShin (#49448675) Attached to: Amazon Sues To Block Fake Reviews

I've always wondered why sites like Amazon and NewEgg haven't adopted some sort of "Adjusted Score", which discards the 1s and 5s and scores only on a three-star scale. This means that those who try to game the system will do 4s and 2s, but that's why you allow the user to decide which score to search/match on (or just show both.)

"Weighted" scores would also be nice, measuring from a rep system (based on visitor feedback of previous reviews for someone, plus the time they've been on the site, plus if they purchased the product from the site and how long they've had it when the review was made) and the amount of words in the review (with a ceiling; grammar/punctuation would be a better measure of clarity, though much harder to score). So a score of 3 from a long time user with a history of good reviews and the review has 200 words would be considered a much better recommendation than a score of 5 from a newish user with 10 words.

None of this stops gamed reviews, of course, but it does change the rules of the game in favor of Amazon and regular customers since those who want to put up fake reviews will have to work harder for it.

Comment: Re:Countries can demand fair taxes (Score 1) 312

by RyoShin (#49442947) Attached to: Google, Apple and Microsoft Squirm As Global Tax Schemes Scrutinized

Huh, a very interesting thought. Since you wouldn't break even on the deductions (to my knowledge), I never thought that they would be something that could increase spending.

If the tax rate for companies did go to 0%, though, it would have to be balanced in some way by increasing taxes on citizens. Ideally this means much higher taxes for much higher brackets, and raising the taxes on dividends etc.; for all this, how the companies pay people would change, so that larger pot of money might have to be put towards the employees rather than being some new surplus to hoard. That pot might not grow too large in the end, but you do give something more to think about in any case.

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