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Comment: Re: illogical captain (Score 1) 910

by RussR42 (#47903921) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk
Wow. Can I buy some LSD from you? You think that behaving as if god is real and having faith will cause it to be so? Things that are real don't require your belief or faith to exist. I don't have time to address your scatter shot analogies that seem designed to muddy the waters rather than make a valid point. Proof, then belief, then action. No need for faith.

Comment: One possible benefit (Score 1) 62

by RussR42 (#47803043) Attached to: New Nigerian ID Card Includes Prepay MasterCard Wallet
I've worked in a couple of African countries near Nigeria and saw many very shoddy ID cards. They were so bad that people would share them for a variety of unsavory reasons. If they have some money tied to it, perhaps they will look good enough to actually identify people and those people will have a strong incentive to actually hold on to their own IDs. That said, after dealing with various government officials, I imagine the system will be used for evil due to rampant corruption.

Comment: Re:Are you guys trying to threaten Snowden ? (Score 4, Insightful) 315

by RussR42 (#46064871) Attached to: Russia Plans To Extend Edward Snowden's Asylum

KNOWING that we will never have a majority on a 3rd party, your whole rant is moot.

Of course we won't as long as people keep saying things like:

voting 3rd party is a non-starter. don't even go there.

Maybe if enough people start voting 3rd party, it will be taken seriously and gain a majority.

Comment: Re:Fuel for the improbability drive (Score 1) 180

by RussR42 (#46020627) Attached to: More Details About Mars Mystery Rock
Then good news! After the Star trek reboot, warp drive will no longer be necessary! In the first movie, we saw a successful transport to a ship in warp. Warp drive moves a ship nice and fast when it's working, so that's a huge range increase. In the second film we saw a transport from Earth to Kronos. Warp is out, transporters are in. The only ships that will be required in the future will be the ones that construct new (small) starbases to receive and re-transport people to any destination that is out of range. These stepping stone stations might fit in something less than the size of a small shuttle if they can simply retransmit the pattern from the transport buffer without rematerializing it.

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