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Comment: Re:Wesley vs Jar-Jar (Score 1) 809

by Rungi (#24522605) Attached to: Best Star (Wars or Trek) Battle

I am assuming this is a battle to the death. If so, then either outcome is benefitial.

Wait, is this battle taking place "pre-traveller"? Don't forget, Wesley does get some type of powers. Not that the sissy deserved them.
This fight is good only for the comical value, which is why I voted for it.

Jar-Jar slaps Wesley; Ow! That hurt!
Wesley slaps Jar-Jar; Youse'em hits like a girl!
Jar-Jar slaps Wesley; I am a girl! You brute!

and so on...

The Internet

How To Deal With Internet Bullies? 724

Posted by timothy
from the warning-link-contains-classic-deep-trolling dept.
creyes123 writes "I run a free website with an online model airplane design calculator. The number of registered users has quickly climbed and I've gotten many compliments. Out of nowhere, a fellow shows up and proceeds to bad mouth the calculator in a posting in one of my forums. After I politely point out that he's mistaken and should have looked at the documentation before posting, he changes the subject and bad mouths a different 'flaw.' The cycle repeats a few more times, with no apparent end in sight. I want to encourage folks to share their opinions, but constructive criticism was clearly not his goal. I feel that the whole episode was just a massive time waster for me. What did I do to deserve this? Could I have handled this better?"

Robocars As the Best Way Geeks Can Save the Planet 394

Posted by timothy
from the at-least-the-parts-we-can-drive-on dept.
Brad Templeton writes "I (whom you may know as EFF Chairman, founder of early dot-com Clari.Net and rec.humor.funny) have just released a new series of futurist essays on the amazing future of robot cars, coming to us thanks to the DARPA Grand Challenges. The computer driver is just the beginning — the essays detail how robocars can enable the cheap electric car, save millions of lives and trillions of dollars, and are the most compelling thing computer geeks can work on to save the planet. Because robocars can refuel, park and deliver themselves, and not simply be chauffeurs, they end up changing not just cars but cities, industries, energy, and — by removing dependence on foreign oil — even wars. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords." (More below.)

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