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Comment Re:#GamerGate (Score 1) 156

Bullshit. For one thing, the target for gamergate wasn't game publishers so much as the outlets they collude with. and gamergate saw quite a bit of success there: gawker last over seven figures from the whole thing, and many of these sites had to revise their ToS. Lotsa fucks lost their jobs over this, etc.

Comment Re:NSA probably intercepts routers in the US too (Score 1) 57

There's no evidence (so far) of someone like Cisco knowingly putting an NSA exploit in everything they sell.

The NSA doesn't intercept all exported routers to a given country, either. Why wouldn't they intercept a single modem being shipped to a single target here in the US? It's no less illegal than most of the other junk they're doing.

A slide leaked by Wikileaks shows Cisco being counted by the NSA as a "strategic partnership".

UPS and Fed Ex's silence on the NSA's involvement doesn't give me much confidence that they're not participating in domestic interdiction.

Comment journalist Michael Hasting's death (Score 1) 262

Hastings was a large adversary for the military industrial complex. When his BMW sped out of control and crashed a couple years ago , most who mentioned auto hacking were labelled conspiracy theorists. How's that looking now? not that whatever technique was used there had to be very high tech.. he even expressed concerns that his car had been tampered with.

Comment Re:They do so much more! (Score 1) 169

The columbian hooker story was nothing more than a huge distraction story to divert attention from a (not very US-ftiendly) south american summit that was happening at the time. Seriously, the DEA cooperates with criminals to murder imnocent people in these countries, but the media only flips its lid when hired goons are fucking hookers? Give me a break

Comment Re:Fracking to relieve tectonic pressure (Score 1) 265

"Hey guys, I know how we can avoid bad earthquakes--let's emulate the actions of a couple states that didn't even have have earthquakes before humans mucked with it!" I seriously hope you're joking. If not, LOL fracking trolls proposing we manually "relieve pressure" in a system we don't completely understand.

Shame on anyone who upvoted this for anything other than "funny".

Comment Re: And so, what is wrong with this? (Score 1) 83

So in short, you're okay with paid government shills on the web because muslims? Even then, I don't buy that you're enough of a dupe to think muslims are the reaaon, when other leaks show the main goal of these activities is to target people in the first world, not the third.

Comment Re:Throttling phone plans vs Net Neutrality (Score 1) 272

Oh really? Then please explain to me why GHCQ specifically targeted slashdot's users with a man in the middle attack / malware?

If you think there are no paid trolls here, you must not spend any time on environment or Snowden threads. be sure to tell that to cold fjord or SartenX or Jeremiah Cornelius, i'm sure they'll be thrilled that someoene is slow enough to think that they're legit.

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