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Comment Re:freedom (but only for those we like) (Score 1) 100

"It's a war." Oh really? Except In THIS "war", the US and its allies (especially Saudi Arabia) are the ones who engineered the enemy--specifically, the US sought to engender fundamentalism in the arab world in order to battle those godless soviets, and now the birds have come home to roost. All the while Turkey and the Saudis very openly arm ISIS while we look the other way. So spare me your "this is war' WWII analogy bullshit.

Comment "Criminal and terrorism investigations" my ass. (Score 1) 29

What that really means is, ANY. BLOODY. INVESTIGATION. Any oversight there could be of this will only sigh a meek "oh well" after its obvious misapplication.

Isn't it funny how a "privacy" bill heading through congress more often than not simply entails some destruction thereof?

Comment This post reeks of paid shilling (Score 1) 475

Implying environmentalism is never feasible, check
Pandering "the facts", check
Ridiculous claims about environmentalists (They hate STEM!!).. check
Complaining about someone else's agenda despite the obvious presence of your own? Check

I'm actually impressed you were able to fit nearly all rhar into a paragraph. Next are you going to talk about windmills killing birds?

Comment Re:Biased summary (Score 1) 121

"There need to be real rules covering investigation of people. There needs to be justification. There needs to be oversight. "

There are effectively none of these, and you're still satisfied with the NSA anyway. Very telling about your priorities. Also almost no one on here lauds another user by name, let alone bolds it--comes off as sockpuppety.

Comment Re:#GamerGate (Score 1) 156

Bullshit. For one thing, the target for gamergate wasn't game publishers so much as the outlets they collude with. and gamergate saw quite a bit of success there: gawker last over seven figures from the whole thing, and many of these sites had to revise their ToS. Lotsa fucks lost their jobs over this, etc.

Comment Re:NSA probably intercepts routers in the US too (Score 1) 57

There's no evidence (so far) of someone like Cisco knowingly putting an NSA exploit in everything they sell.

The NSA doesn't intercept all exported routers to a given country, either. Why wouldn't they intercept a single modem being shipped to a single target here in the US? It's no less illegal than most of the other junk they're doing.

A slide leaked by Wikileaks shows Cisco being counted by the NSA as a "strategic partnership".

UPS and Fed Ex's silence on the NSA's involvement doesn't give me much confidence that they're not participating in domestic interdiction.

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