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+ - Getting police to help recover iPhone

Submitted by Rufosx
Rufosx (693184) writes "A friend of mine contacted me about her stolen iPhone and email rejection notices she was receiving on her email account. Turns out the thief was using the iPhone on their home WiFi network and sending emails. From the rejection notices, it was easy to get the thief's IP address at the time the emails were sent. I turned this information over to the Wichita, KS, police department and Cox Communications, the owner of the IP block. Cox wouldn't help until the police sent them a warrant and the Wichita police refused to ask a judge for a warrant, as it "was just a mobile device" and "even the thief has a right to privacy". Has anyone been successful in getting the police to assist in recovering phones or laptops? Are there any key points to make that could make them more willing to get a warrant?"

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