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Comment: Re:Actually it's both. (Score 2) 360

Great explanation! Completely agree.

In fact, you could take it a step further and apply Bernoulli's equation to the fluid in the system. The difference in pressure between the source reservoir and the destination reservoir is exactly offset by the effective pressure loss due to friction between the flowing liquid and the tube wall.

The difference in pressure between the source reservoir and the apex will include part of this friction pressure loss (proportional to the length of the tube from the source to the apex relative to the overall length) + reduction in pressure due to the velocity of the fluid in motion (static liquid is at a higher pressure than liquid in communication with it at the same elevation but in motion -- the principle behind the pitot-static tube).

This is why flow through the siphon can be regulated by raising or lowering the apex of the tube. Make it higher, the total friction pressure loss is increased and the velocity must decrease to offset that loss. At some point, the tube is sufficiently long that the flow is slowed to a standstill.

Comment: Business is ... axes? or split firewood? (Score 1) 217

by Rudisaurus (#46811467) Attached to: Reinventing the Axe
I watched a few promotional videos for the Vipukirven on YouTube. People lined up at trade shows to try out this new axe, and the promo guys were kept busy heaping the resulting split firewood onto a huge pile. It occurred to me that touring a "new axe" around to trade shows and getting passers-by to split enormous piles of wood for you for free is a great business model for a firewood vendor ...

Of course, if you can sell the occasional axe (for US$200+), so much the better!

Comment: Re:Bad Management (Score 1) 387

A lot of the blame for Win8 can be shouldered on Steven Sinofsky, who by all accounts thought himself as a cross between Steve Jobs and Napoleon. He was given free reign over Win8 due to his perceived success with MS Office (and the ribbon interface).

Yeah, everyone loves that.

Comment: Re:You know what they call alternative medicine... (Score 1) 517

As is always said in these situations, find at least one scientifically rigorous study showing any alternative medicine works.

Nope. You have to find at least two such studies, the one reproducing the results of the other to a high degree of similarity. Otherwise it's not scientifically rigorous.

Comment: Re:To be fair... (Score 4, Insightful) 653

by Rudisaurus (#46525951) Attached to: $30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow
Totally agree. What's more, you can't be in the multimeter business and NOT be aware of Fluke; they've been prominent players and frontrunners in that business for literally decades. Sparkfun had to be aware of Fluke's product line, but they went ahead and chose a yellowish-orange border colour anyway. "Army of consultants or attorneys" indeed! Serves 'em right.

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