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Comment Re:Does this article have any credibility at all? (Score 1) 508

It may be a Pro Arab group. So what? Should an Anti-Arab group stand up and present the same thing? No of course not, they wouldn't. That would be ridiculous. Nobody does that. In which case, this group stood up regarding their own interests and presented or promotes their side.

And certainly Pro-Israel groups have equal chance to present their side the same way.

It's up to the media and average people to hear all sides and decide if they believe it or not and wish to support it or not.

Comment Re:Tell them to buzz off. (Score 1) 508

Google has business units in Israel (namely Waze, among others) and makes money selling search ads there.

No doubt there would be investigations and sanctions on these businesses if Google failed to cooperate with these requests regarding video content. Heck Google could find itself kicked out of the country entirely and lose billions as their shares take hits.

"Do what we want or get shut down" happens a lot in business outside the US, and even within the US to some extent. Pressure like this would be illegal and unconstitutional in the US but condoned and perhaps desired elsewhere.

Comment Waste of time (Score 1) 508

What they want to do is a complete waste of time as neither Google nor YouTube control the whole internet, and in fact all it would do is push more of the videos to sites like Liveleak which isn't controlled by Google anyway. They only went to Google as an implied threat about what would happen to Google's Israeli interests and business if they DIDN'T cooperate.

And then what do you do, ask Liveleak to stop? Do you think a site fine posting videos of car accidents, decapitations, people burning to death, and much much more is going to care what Israel might ask for? No.

The site is already overrun with various videos from Syria and Iraq and all manner of other places. If you've EVER had any desire to hear how many times somebody can yell "Allahu Ackbar!" while shooting at or being bombed by other forces, Liveleak is your place. And then you can watch the daily video of the scooter crash in China where everybody died horribly. There is one of those about every day so it doesn't have to be any specific scooter crash video. Just wait. There will be a new one.

LiveLeak is certainly tame compared to Ogrish, but it is WAY beyond what Youtube would ever allow.

Comment They need space Viagra from Canadian space pharmac (Score 2) 213

These countries are just upset because they don't have a space program that their own mining interests could use or build on their own to go do mining.

They are going to be locked out of this market. They have rocket envy. Maybe Canada Pharma can work on making space Viagra for when you don't have a rocket.

Anyway the OTHER reason these countries don't like this is that they all have big mining interests. Finding a cheap way to mine in space and get those resources back to the Earth would devastate the value of minerals mined on the Earth. Who the hell will need De Boers if space diamonds are found in abundance? A diamond FROM SPACE might even be worth a lot, but not to De Boers.

This brings to mind that a LOT of Earth companies would be happy in these space mining efforts blew up on the launch pad or failed in space. Those who go to do this space mining are going to have to watch their backs all the time. There is far too much money in the hands of companies on the ground who would be happy if a loose bolt or something caused a failure. Probably no proof, no way to trace it.

Comment Re:Sigh... (Score 1) 213

By the same token, if aliens came to the Sol system to mine asteroids or take water, there is nothing the Earth can do about it. We lack the technology to stop such a thing AND we don't own the Sol system. We happen to be here but we have no claims to anything beyond the moon.

For a practical matter, aliens or space miners would not need to bother with the inner system anyway. There are tons of moons, rocks, asteroids and comets in the Oort cloud where they could mine freely and we'd probably never even know they were there, much less be able to object.

The lesson here is that space mining would probably work fine if you are coming into a planetary system from outside. You can do what you want if the natives are like us, unable to stop it.

Comment Trees and powerlines? (Score 1) 267

How are they going to work this with trees? Most of my property has huge trees all over it and the main area that doesn't have trees does have several different sets of power lines. We have normal ones and high-voltage lines above them on much taller poles.

It would be challenging for human standing outside to get a drone in or out of here, or indeed to most of my neighbor's homes.

And in my case, I have a overhang porch with wood columns. Amazon would have to navigate under that porch to put the packages near my door, but in any case they'd have no choice because the only other option would be dropping it in the yard and no, they can't do that.

And if all that wasn't enough, I live within six miles of an airport so Amazon can't fly here anyway. Which is a shame. As a Prime subscriber, I use Amazon a lot. But lately the USPS has decided my address is undeliverable despite being the same address for close to 20 years. Lost two packages from Amazon on Saturday because of this. The boxes are going back to Amazon and the items are now out of stock so I can't even reorder. Assuming my address is working the next time.

Comment Re:the main legit use i can see (Score 2, Informative) 267

There are other challenges. The city where I live has three airports roughly 1/3 of the way around the circle, so each of those airports has a six-mile no-fly zone making huge areas off limits. Worse, a state agency not actually chartered to worry about air vehicles, has on their own decided most of the remaining actual downtown is also off-limits because they don't want drones flying near state-owned buildings.

Note they have no legal constitutional ability to enforce this rule but they are doing so anyway and will arrest people regardless if they have FAA approval. Amazon won't be exempted.

Worse for Amazon, their local fulfillment warehouse is located only a mile from a major airport and in fact planes coming in or leaving pass over the Amazon facility at only about 300 feet. There is no way Amazon could use that site.

Comment Re: Damn people are getting dumb (Score 4, Insightful) 94

This is a mistake, then. If you want to torrent and avoid copyright holders, you need to use a SEED BOX somewhere overseas where they don't keep records. And then VPN from your home or whatever into that seed box. The box runs your torrents for you. The only traffic your IP sees is the encrypted transfers of completed files between you and the seed box. NOT VPN'd torrents.

This is of course not foolproof but it adds a nice layer between your own IP and the infringing activity. It also helps if you are on a bandwidth capped account as your connection doesn't have to support all the torrent traffic. And for cost, a seed box with VPN is not a lot more than a VPN alone. So it's not a big deal.

Well, a lot of people use vpns to hide their torrenting, and IP addresses are how copyright trolls find you and send you letters, so it kinda is an issue if you're paying for a VPN to hide your torrenting, and thus not get caught

Comment Re:California (Score 4, Informative) 42

They didn't "build it" as such. The Tesla plant is the old GM/Toyota NUMMI plant which built collaborative Toyota and GM cars and pickups for years, which was in turn a GM-exclusive plant for years before that.

It's an OLD car plant, modernized and updated no doubt by Tesla. But Tesla certainly didn't build all of it. They simply grabbed the otherwise disused NUMMI plant for cheap. There were a LOT of good reasons for doing that, ranging from existing infrastructure dedicated to building cars, to workers from what was one of the world's best car factories, to local suppliers, machines, room to expand, etc. Reusing NUMMI was a great idea for Tesla and everyone else too.

This paint booth problem can and will be solved. It won't be enough to stop Tesla or any other auto maker. It's merely something they need to fix.

Comment Re:Holy crap ... (Score 1) 68

Every card issuer has a set prefix that belongs to them. The first four digits of any card number indicate who issued it. This applies to every kind of card from credit cards you can use anywhere but also things like branded gas station credit cards only good at that one chain, and so on.

This leaves only so many additional digits for card numbers, and from that pool of course some are active. Others have been issued to other cardholders but replaced, so those card numbers are also off the available list. Stolen card numbers are also off the avail list. The end result is that there are only so many possible unused card numbers.

It is also important to remember that not all cards are issued the same: Amex issues most of its cards itself. They have only a few prefix numbers. But card issuers like Visa and Mastercard use thousands of member banks and credit unions to issue cards and each of those issuers will usually have their own prefix numbers.

In other words, most Amex cards start with 37***. This leaves 10 digits for individual cards for the entirety of Amex customers, past, present, black listed, all of them. Amex segregates different types of cards based on the first five digits so not all combinations are possible and available to issue.

But your Chase Visa card will have 5678 and your Bank of America Visa will have 6789 (not their real numbers) which are unique to each bank. This means EACH of these banks has 11 digits they can use even if the other banks also use the same 11 digits for a card. It won't matter because the prefix is different.

Amex and the other banks can have more than one prefix. There are public lists of which bank is which.

Comment Re:Holy crap ... (Score 1) 68

It's 2015 and the US is still trying (and apparently failing) to implement chip-and-pin. So no, clearly they are not trying.

NO they are not. Most US card issuers are implementing Chip-and-Signature, which is NOT the same thing as Chip-and-Pin. The cards LOOK the same and have the same chip but this method happens to be far less secure. What a surprise. Does the US ever do anything with high security?

The only thing Chip-and-Sig does is crack down on fake mag stripe cards because copying the chip is harder to do. But for the signature part, almost nobody ever actually looks at or checks signatures much less asks for ID.

Only a handful of US card issuers are actually doing Chip-and-Pin, mainly small banks and a couple credit unions.

Comment Name drop (Score 1, Insightful) 96

Can we please try to name drop some more schools into the teaser?

I am SURE somewhere we missed somebody's school affiliation that, while having jack shit to do with anything, merits a mention. Surely a janitor who attended night classes at Yale Lock Academy or somebody's third cousin Louis who once had cheese from a shop near Rutgers deserves the same accolades.

Seriously, why the hell does it matter where all these people went to school and why does this need to be in the teaser? You know what was MISSING from the teaser? A reason why anyone should care.

Comment Re:I could be missing something (Score 1, Informative) 96

You are correct. But this sort of ignorant "X times to a lesser value" bullshit math is rampant. I use it to easily spot stupid people for me.

Sometimes I will ask them, please draw for me on a blackboard how you would work "20 times less than X" and laugh at them when they can't do it.

  But the scary thing is how many people don't understand what's wrong. It is simply that you cannot multiply and reach a lower value. 10 times less can't work. Ever.

One tenth can. But fractions are apparently impossible.

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