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Comment: Re:Put the people in a "black box"! (Score 1) 223

by Rub1cnt (#26280921) Attached to: NASA Releases Columbia Crew Survival Report
I still say we need to reactivate the Saturn 5s. We've got several models that may or may not work..the Smithsonian still has the let's reverse engineer the rocket, update it a bit and launch the thing into space. For those of you who say we can't reenginer the Saturn 5, let me point out the fact that Chrysler has been doing just this with their car models for the last 5 years. Put Chrysler's engineers in charge of the reemergence of the S5, and we're golden. For the guidance system, we use Microsoft's engineers, they steal a comparable guidance system and "tweak it" then sell at the government standard price.

Comment: Re:dumbification (Score 1) 223

by Rub1cnt (#26280631) Attached to: NASA Releases Columbia Crew Survival Report
Sorry, but I gotta do the Obligatory quote, and I do apologize to the NASA folks that I'm about to tick off: Rockhound: Hey Harry. Harry Stamper: What? Rockhound: You realize we're sitting on 45,000 pounds of fuel, one nuclear warhead and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder? Makes you feel good doesn't it? Harry: Yeah, Rock.

+ - Australia cracked US combat aircraft codes->

Submitted by SpamSlapper
SpamSlapper writes: FORMER defence minister Kim Beazley has told how Australia cracked top-secret American combat aircraft codes to enable the shooting down of enemy aircraft in the 1980s. The radar on Australia's Hornets could not identify most potentially hostile aircraft in the region, but dispite many requests, the codes were not provided, so "In the end we spied on them and we extracted the codes ourselves". The Americans knew what the Australians were doing and were intrigued by the progress they made.
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