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Comment: Re:What DOESN'T run on WindowsXP? (Score 1) 641

by RuaisLampSilog (#46693207) Attached to: Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP
Same strategy was used by Sun to help legacy Solaris 8 and 9 programs run on Solaris 10. THey provided branded zones, also known as chroot in the real world. You could and still can install a single kernel instance of Solaris 10 or 11, and define a mountpoint that will become a root for a solaris 8 or 9. The real virtualizacion is called LDOMs that also allows to run Solaris 8 or 9 in their own kernel instance. And of course, there is also VirtualBox.

Comment: Re:No - Resources (Score 1) 302

by RuaisLampSilog (#43542229) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Move Legal Data With Torrents?
Yes and No. Moving data from A to B using scp is ok if your link is stable. At my work, to download the 12 Gbytes of that other crappy OS, there is an SMB share. I have tried many times to copy 4 Gbytes dvds over it, most of the times with no luck. Even when there is a single source and a single destination torrent provides error recovery, and consistency not matched by other protocols. Other nice feature is that any client can become source of new files. Let's face it: rsync is beautifull but setting up an rsync server is not for newbies. On the other hand, any newbie can create a torrent file and let others download from him, with a lot of benefits. And the last is that most torrent clients have bandwidth limiting options. Even when you can say rsync how much you want it to use, to be able to change it on the fly sometimes is priceless. So yes, I think torrent in some scenarios, even with single source and client, is the way to go.

Comment: Reasons to move from XP (Score 1) 363

by RuaisLampSilog (#40173789) Attached to: Windows 8 Release Preview Now Available To Download
I simply can't find any reason to move away from XP, but 64 bits support (very crappy on XP 64) Can somebody here give some of the good reasons one should take the time and pain, to migrate to a new OS that doesn't seems to make anything new, no breakthroughs, nothing I can't do on XP?

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