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+ - What do you use to document your projects?

Submitted by Matt
Matt (834853) writes "What do you use to document your projects in a Windows environment?

Despite the face-lift Word 2007 still likes to auto-format and move stuff around on me. I just don't understand how its going to react to my input. I am looking for some way to create some decent looking documentation. Pretty basic stuff, some text, some lists, some tables, maybe a couple screen shots.

In the past I have played around with Nvu to make an html file, which I would then print to a pdf. That was a very round-about way to get a pdf.
Now I just found proTeXT and will try learning TeX. Any other suggestions?"

+ - MIT's entry for the DARPA Urban challance-> 1

Submitted by Matt
Matt (834853) writes "Here is a youtube video of MIT's entry to the upcoming DARPA Urban Challenge. This years challenge takes place November 3, 2007, in Victorville, California and will require the vehicles to navigate city traffic. The video shows some of the hardware used by MIT and shows to students teaching the car how to drive."
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