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Comment: Re:It happens (Score 1) 512 512

No. You have not drawn the correct conclusion. Nothing Nate has written on this topic or TFA suggests that the election was fair, only that there is no clear statistical evidence that it is fraudulent. There is a big difference.

Some people suggest that the election results were completely fabricated. Nothing we have seen has ruled out that possibility. However, if it was fabricated, the fabricators did their homework beforehand on how to avoid detection.


+ - 'Opt Out' soon or Verizon will sell your CPNI 1 1

Rothfuss writes: "I actually opened and read one of the 'Updates to my Customer Agreement Terms and Conditions' that I received from Verizon today. I have no idea why. This one explains that they will be upgrading my service by assuming (unless I tell them otherwise) that I am willing to let them sell my Customer Proprietary Network Information or give it to anyone they choose. Apparently that will help me. However, the FCC won't let them do this without your permission — like, for example *not* calling them and opting out. If you are a Verizon customer and would like to opt out, you can do so by calling 1-800-333-9956. Ask to speak to Mr. Prosser."

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