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Comment: Re:Notify them (Score 2, Insightful) 188

by Rosyna (#47697647) Attached to: Microsoft's Windows 8 App Store Is Full of Scamware

All this means is that companies like Apple and Mozilla happen not to have notified Microsoft of the infringement yet. So if you're worried about it, go tell Apple's legal department and Mozilla's.

Why should they have to? The store is supposed to be curated and given these examples, it's obvious it is not curated at all.

Comment: Re:No, he didn't. (Score 4, Informative) 160

by Rosyna (#47668435) Attached to: Murder Suspect Asked Siri Where To Hide a Dead Body

GAINESVILLE- We're on day 7 of the Pedro Andres Bravo trial. Bravo is being accused of the premeditated murder of his high school friend and UF student, Christian Aguilar. Bravo's phone records were reviewed.

"I need to hide my roommate," that is a picture found on Pedro Bravo's phone. In the picture you can see Siri responded, "Swamps? Dumps?"

The image was most likely a screenshot Bravo took from Facebook not an actual search he made. That was actually addressed by the jury who asked how he could do a Siri search when he had an iPhone 4 not 4s.

It was a screenshot (Shit Siri Says). His iPhone 4 was incapable of asking Siri anything.

The Gainesville PD also said it never happened.

Multiple reports of Bravo asking Siri to hide a roommate are incorrect... GPD Det. Goeckel certainly did not testify to that. #BravoTrial

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by Rosyna (#47398027) Attached to: Following EU Ruling, BBC Article Excluded From Google Searches

That last thing means that if someone goes on a campaign to smear someone's name deliberately and starts digging up any information that can be found and recklessly publishing it without checking it out, it could be considered libelous, even if true.

Reckless disregard would mean you don't care if they statements are facts or not. And that by putting false information in with facts, you want to mislead the reader/listener. If all items were fact, then a compilation of all items would still be truth and is an absolute defense (in the US). As soon as you make (knowingly) false statements that a reasonable person would believe, only then can the defamed begin to have a case (in the US).

The important part is "a reasonable person would believe them true".

The US has the strongest free speech laws in the land when it comes to defamation. (Because in order to protect the right to dissent, you must protect the right to criticize).

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