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Comment Re:The thing I don't understand with the ad busine (Score 2) 519

But it's the same thing: at some point, companies that pay to push ads are bound to notice people get pissed off, their sales aren't increasing as much as they'd like after running advertising campaigns after campaigns, and pushing ads turns out to be counterproductive. Then they'll stop paying to push ads.

Comment The thing I don't understand with the ad business (Score 4, Insightful) 519

It's extremely clear that most everybody hates ads with a passion - else why would so many people install ad blockers eh?

So even if ad blockers were to disappear tomorrow, what makes advertisers feel that forcing ads down the throat of people who hate them increase sales for their customers?

To me, it seems that either people hate ads, block them and won't buy the shit being advertised, or people hate ads, can't block them and won't buy the shit being advertised regardless.

Worse, forcing people to see ads they don't want to see may very well antagonize them. Me, when I see an ad that gets through my ad blockers, I remember the product as something I'll make extra sure I'll never, ever buy.

So what's the business model here? I can't believe enough people actually like ads to make online advertising a viable business proposition...

Comment Re:Enough eyeballs and heartbleed ... (Score 4, Insightful) 58

I think the only thing the OpenSSL bug shows is how flimsy the underlying framework of the internet is. Most of the shit we all use, trust and take for granted was coded in someone's basement over the weekend a long time ago. All it takes is one clever guys to take a good look at the code to exploit it, and it's probably fair to say he'll be the only one to review the code ever...

Comment One-shot motor (Score 4, Insightful) 73

So it's super-efficient and all... if you intend to move no farther than 10 ft forward.

For greater distances, you could, say, keep the balloon constantly inflated with some kind of pump. And then, to save unnecessary weight and complication, you could do away with the balloon and let the pump shoot out the back of the vehicle directly.

I shall call my invention a hydrojet. Genius!

Comment Re:Secretive courts? (Score 0) 44

How in hell the voters from Britain as well as from America allow such things to happen in the first place??

A true democracy works thanks to the four boxes of liberty (soap box, ballot box, jury box and ammo box).

Our so-called "democracies" have two more (ice box and idiot box) that are more important to people than the four others: as long as people are stuffed full of junk food and can watch the football game on TV, they feel free enough.

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