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Comment: Re:Convert? (Score 1) 621

by Rooktoven (#27691637) Attached to: Time Warner Cable Won't Compete, Seeks Legislation

You don't have to partake of government provided water or use government provided sanitation either, but your taxes still pay for it. Likewise you don't have to ride public transportation or call the cops or firemen in case of emergency. Your taxes still pay for it.

Municipalities have always purchased what they think they need. The Coercion argument is a straw man.


+ - HD-DVD AACS DRM Cracked?

Submitted by robizzle
robizzle (975423) writes "New DRM standard, used in HDDVD and Blueray, AACS (Advanced Access Content System) has seemingly been beaten. According to a post on Doom9 by muslix64, his new BackupHDDVD tool decrypts and dismantles AACS on a Windows PC. The java command line application is able to decrypt and dump the video right off the disc provided a cryptography key (none included with application, though seemingly easy to obtain.) Full source code has been provided along with the java executable. Youtube video also provided here."

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