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Comment Re:Hang Snowden you hang Obama (Score 2) 486

Actually, that steaming pile was the fault of Eisenhower and his CIA who got us mixed up with the coup that installed the Shah. Add to that our promotion of Isalm in the Mideast and SE Asia to fight Godless Communism and the current mess can be seen in large part as blowback from the activities of the idiot anti-Communists of old.

Comment Re:Stucturing (Score 1) 510

He did commit a real crime--structuring the bank withdrawals to avoid their reporting requirements. He had been withdrawing the money in $50K increments until he found it the transactions would be reported. He also chose to lie to the Feds about it You could challenge the law in court or lobby to get it changed it you want.

Comment Yosemite (Score 1) 305

The official release must have been the same as Beta 5--no update showed up for me. I've been running it since the first beta without issue, although I was hoping they'd redo the Trash icon.

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