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Comment: Re:Already determined (Score 1) 121

There's a certain amount of content that you lose by dropping cable/satellite TV, and going Netflix/Hulu. However, the savings of maybe $80+/month sure makes this choice a no-brainer. You could even buy those few series that you lose out on, on DVD so there's really not much of a loss.

I finally persuaded my spouse to drop TV early this year, and we don't miss it one bit.

Comment: Re:Cramming and the art of innovation (Score 1) 99

by RomanesEuntDomus (#27537305) Attached to: IGDA Split Over "Crunch Time" Development

What the ?

If you are on crunch, you have absolutely ZERO time to innovate!

All you have time for is implement, quick test, check in. Then later on someobody else has to fix your crappy rush job because you created a dozen other bugs.

Crunch times cause more problems than just trying to get a product out on time, plain and simple.

Comment: Re:Heh, figures. (Score 1) 346

by RomanesEuntDomus (#27317653) Attached to: Increase In Xbox 360 E74 Problems

What likely happened is he was one of the unlucky ~30%. Then he gets shipped somebody else's badly refurbished RROD. This process then continues until he is lucky enough to get shipped a brand new console. Good luck.

For my anecdotal story. I have all 3 current gen consoles. My 360 gives me read errors. When a game comes out that is for both 360 and PS3, I always buy the PS3 version as I get a flawless play experience. Shame on MS for producing such a shoddy console.

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