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AMD Promises Open Source Graphics Drivers 264

Posted by Zonk
from the feel-the-love-linux-gamers dept.
MoxFulder writes "Henri Richard, AMD's VP of sales, has promised to deliver open-source drivers for ATI graphics cards (recently acquired by AMD) at the recent Red Hat Summit. A series of good news for proponents of open-source device drivers. In the last year, Intel, the leading provider of integrated graphics cards, has opened their drivers as well. But ATI and NVidia, the only two players in the market for high-performance discrete graphics cards, have so far released only closed-source drivers for their cards. This has created numerous compatibility, stability, and ethical problems for users of Linux and other open source OSes, and prompted projects like Nouveau to try and reverse-engineer NVidia drivers. Hopefully AMD's decision will put pressure on NVidia to release open-source drivers as well!"
Linux Business

+ - MSFT's Bill Hilf: "Linux doesn't exist in 2007

Submitted by
moe1975 writes "According to MSFT's Bill Hilf: "The Free Software movement is dead. Linux doesn't exist in 2007. Even Linus has got a job today." which he is quoted as saying in a Bangkok Post article
Now, the FUD is pathetically obvious, yet I find MSFT's obvious desperation to be both interesting — and amusing . . . RTA to get your dose of Sunday humor."

Comment: Re:mirror ;) (Score 1) 134

by Rolf W. Rasmussen (#17669844) Attached to: Netscape Restores RSS DTD, Until July
Nope, I wasn't invited. It just happened to be one of the first to register after they opened up for registration. The funny thing, is that I didn't hurry through the registration form either, and I was surfing from across the Atlantic using a slow dial-up connection I was using those days. I had just dialed out using my 14400 BPS modem, and when I visited Slashdot which was my usual first stop, I just happened to see that they had started accepting registrations.

More Voting Shenanigans in Florida 680

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the just-don't-feed-them-after-midnight dept.
stewwy writes "It looks like the the shenanigans have started already, the Register is running a story about the difficulty early voters are having with casting votes for Democrats." From the article: "The touch-screen gizmos seem strangely attracted to Republican candidates. One voter needed assistance from an election official, and even then, needed three tries to convince the machine that he wanted to vote for Democrat Jim Davis in the gubernatorial race, not his Republican opponent Charlie Crist."

Good day to avoid cops. Crawl to work.