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Comment: Re:I'd rather have longer range (Score 1) 92

by RogueWarrior65 (#48140469) Attached to: Samsung's Wi-Fi Upgrades Promise Speeds Up to 4.6Gbps

Needing lots of access points is bad engineering. Take, for example, the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. When they wanted to have coverage throughout the building, one vendor quoted 1500 access points. Fifteen hundred. That's godawful. Think of the power requirements alone. But that's for a permanent installation. Let's say you wanted to set up a temporary, secure, wireless network in a few minutes for something like an active shooter scenario in a school so that SWAT teams could use it to transmit body-worn camera video back to incident command. You don't have the luxury of time to plan optimum placement or the ability to set up dozens of hotspots. This is where building penetration is essential.

Comment: They want a rental business model (Score 1) 344

Google appears to be jumping on the rental business model. If you have to store stuff in the cloud, chances are you'll have to store stuff in their cloud (hey hey you you get off of my cloud). Eventually, you won't be able to move your data off of their cloud and once they get a captive audience, they'll start charging for it somehow.
Some might say that Google has now become "The Man" so stick it to The Man and buy a real computer.

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