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Submission + - Poll: How many monthly fees do you pay?

RogueWarrior65 writes: How about a poll on how many monthly fees you pay for every month e.g. cellphone, broadband, Netflix, Lifelock, etc, etc. etc, etc. etc.
1-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, more than 20

Submission + - Retro-electronics: The Philips Coffee Machine

RogueWarrior65 writes: In the early 1970s, I was fortunate to discover the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto. For the Gen Y'ers out there who never knew a world without computers, to Gen X'ers, this place was the future. Computer technology was just beginning to be exposed to the world and this museum had the coolest exhibits around most of which were interactive. One of the exhibits was a machine reminiscent of an old vending machine. On its face was a large circuit board with lights that spelled out the word "coffee". There were several dials and a button which when pressed, would cause the machine to speak the word. The knobs adjusted various inflections and tonal qualities of the speech. Feeling nostalgic, I inquired of the museum about this exhibit. Was it still there? If not, was it in storage somewhere and could I purchase it. I was told that the machine was developed by Philips Electronics but the exhibit was no longer in their collection. Then I asked Philips about it and was told that no, they have nothing in the archives, no schematics or parts list. A Google search is came up empty as well. So, for mature slashdotters out there, does anyone have any more information on this gadget?

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