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Comment: It all started with CNN (Score 2) 205

by RogueWarrior65 (#48666905) Attached to: The World Is Not Falling Apart

Or at least the 24-hour news cycle did when they covered the girl in the well story endlessly. To make matters worse, social media is enabling bogus memes to spread like kudzu. There's an important phrase that people should be taught and that is "Totality of the circumstances." What this means is that these bogus memes are almost always one-sided counting on the gullibility of the viewer to accept it as fact without knowing that there are circumstances and facts that happened which are conveniently skipped lest they burst the bubble of the narrative.

Comment: Illutrates my hesitation (Score 1) 26

by RogueWarrior65 (#48641423) Attached to: How a 3D Printer Let a Dog Run For the First Time

Your snark reinforces my questions about using any of the current offerings whose price doesn't require mortgaging the house. And I have so many questions that go unanswered. For example, what's the print speed in terms of volume e.g. cubic millimeters per second? And I had to scoff/chuckle at CubeX who won't tell you exactly how much material is in one of their cartridges. When I asked, they said "Oh, you can print about 75 cellphone cases." WTF? A cellphone case is not a standardized unit of measure, doofus.

For me, the killer app is printing custom PCB enclosures. Makes you wonder why COTS embedded computer manufacturers don't have a meeting with companies like Hammond to make enclosures that fit (and skip the fancy styling because that stuff isn't going to sit on a shelf). But I digress. So I want to print enclosures but my concern is that they take a day to print and the print fails 8 hours in. My other concern is that they look like crap on the outside. People are buying home frying machines, filling them with acetone, and dunking their prints in hot acetone to smooth the layers. Beyond that, you have to wonder when Makerbot comes out with a failed print shredding machine so you can recycle the plastic into new filament.

Comment: Misplaced FUD (Score 2) 230

by RogueWarrior65 (#48630647) Attached to: "Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too

Here's my theory: Sony was worried that some crazy person is going to batcrap crazy in one of these theaters think that North Korea has sympathizers like ISIS does. The two are not synonymous. You don't see people running around saying that North Korea is regime of peace and North Korea hates us because we stole their oil. By the same token, nobody in Hollywood got all first amendment defensive about the guy who made Innocence of Muslims and wound up in jail (how convenient). Further, nobody in Hollywood decided to close theaters when Dinesh D'Souza came out with multiple movies that some might say would motivate Tea Partiers to do what the left keeps trying to b.s. everyone into believing that they do. Bottom line: Hollywood is a cesspool of hypocrisy.

Comment: Here's what I don't understand (Score 2) 43

by RogueWarrior65 (#48600797) Attached to: SpaceX Set To Create 300 New US Jobs and Expand Facilities

I happened to watch the Barbara Walter albeit brief segment on Elon Musk last night and I was stunned that the mount of money he got not just for selling PayPal but for selling his first company to Compaq. Hundreds of millions of dollars. Not only have I never heard of that first company but Compaq doesn't exist anymore and who knows if HP is doing anything with what they acquired when the bought Compaq. I have the same questions about friggin' Instagram, Whatsapp, et al. Who decides what these companies are valued at and on what basis? It's clearly not based on company profits because many of them have no profits. In a lot of cases, the product or service that the company has isn't unique, is pointless fluff, or will be obsolete in short order. Or is it all about having representation, an agent or lawyer or whatever, that is able to convince others that their client is worth a lot like Hollywood agents do?

Comment: Is IP address = SketchFactor? (Score 4, Insightful) 156

by RogueWarrior65 (#48600681) Attached to: Small Bank In Kansas Creates the Bank Account of the Future

So is using the IP address the banking equivalent of the SketchFactor app? You just happen to have an ISP whose pool of addresses contains a bunch of scammers. Will this banking software decide that you too are also a scammer? What are the other "risk" factors? ACH made no judgements on the transaction.

Comment: Re:Screw you white boys (Score 4, Interesting) 307

Not quite. Race SHOULD BE irrelevant but it's most definitely not, particularly these days. Gender SHOULD BE irrelevant but it's most definitely not. What should be of the utmost importance is a person's ability. As a historical reference, look at how the chemical industry got started back in the Victorian era. A British research student discovered the world's first artificial dye. But his teachers were all German. Why? Because back then, the Germans were very good at opening universities and technical schools and letting anyone attend based on merit, never mind their family background. To the British, such behavior was very much lower-class so they blew a golden opportunity to capitalize on a totally new science which the Germans took to the bank.

Comment: Phony data (Score 1) 285

by RogueWarrior65 (#48555519) Attached to: AdNauseam Browser Extension Quietly Clicks On Blocked Ads

I had an ad company try to sell me an online ad space. So I asked the salesperson what the click-thru rate was for the other advertisers on the site and she said she didn't know. I said, "It's 2014. This is the kind of data you should have at your fingertips. It's not like a print-ad where you have no clue how many people really look at an ad."

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