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Comment It's not a bug. It's a feature. (Score 1) 432

The thing is connected to the internet and the EPA decided that you're using too much energy.
Yes, I'm being facetious but in the Soviet Union before WWII, you weren't allowed to have light bulbs higher than approved wattage. Lots of people did and they covered up their windows at night when they wanted to use them.

Comment Pot meet kettle (Score 1) 492

I love how some people get bent out of shape when other want to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. "Oh, but that doesn't apply here!" Oh, okay, so then corporations really are people. Which is it? Either the Bill of Rights applies to everyone, everywhere, in every case... or it doesn't.

Comment The anit-carbon industrial complex at work (Score 1) 386

I guess proponents of this don't know how tough blowing sand is on transparent materials. No matter, the anti-carbon industrial complex is predicated on planned obsolescence. Lots of people will be making lots of money on replacement parts for decades. Said rich people will then be lobbying heavily against better technology e.g. fusion.

Comment Market correction (Score 1) 261

What this tells me is that the music isn't worth the bits it's printed on. Further, people in the entertainment industry (actors, musicians, pompous directors) are so over paid that they have a severely distorted view of their own importance. They become misinformed after being uninformed. The end result are cases like the anti-vaxers. Here's hoping that bubble bursts sooner rather than later. Never equate popularity with knowledge and wisdom.

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