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Comment What a bunch of B.S. (Score 1, Interesting) 164

For hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, fathers never took time off when their kids were born. One can also make the case that the fathers of the "Greatest Generation" (both the parents and the children of that generation) never took time off and yet they were the greatest generation. By the same token, one can make the case that this current crop of breeders are total pu$$ies.

Comment Re:Remember when... (Score 1) 167

Yes, but back then they number of outlets was tiny and there were no DVRs or VCRs so a show had to grab an audience's attention and hold it for six months. Now, it's more like: The season starts in late September and runs to December and then they're on hiatus until January i.e. next season.

Comment Here's what bothers me (Score 1) 387

Why is Bill Nye being so elevated because of his opinions rather than his research? Does he even do any actual research? Can you even call it science if you only talk about your opinions on things? Are we just supposed to accept his opinion because 40 years ago he studied mechanical engineering? Or are people accepting his opinions because he was a TV personality as George Carlin once mocked in "Hello, I'm a famous person..."? And as for this NASCAR flap, is he really bitching because he thinks that if NASCAR went away, there would be more money for NASA and he might finally get chosen to be an astronaut after being rejected over and over?

Comment I smell a class action lawsuit (Score 1) 91

Just spent over a thousand dollars on a device that doesn't work everywhere. This is no different than the authorities saying that we, as search & rescue personnel, can't drive quads or jeeps or land a helicopter in a designated wilderness area. Oh, excuse me, Mr. On-Scene-TV-Reporter, have I got a story for you.

Comment Sweeping generalization (Score 1) 393

It's not that the value of all university degrees is declining but rather that most fluff majors have no career path that requires an advanced degree. Universities crank out craploads of psych majors and most of them never become actual psychologists. STEM most certainly requires advanced education but the problem there is that the professors often teach subject matter that is outdated.

Comment Re:Too many self-absorbed people (Score 3, Interesting) 119

Meh. For him to make this comment suggests that he thinks the other six attacks were irrelevant. Had he said that this was an attack on western civilization/values/activities/way-of-life I would agree with him. Where was he when Charlie Hebdo was attacked? The fact that a concert was attacked is irrelevant. It was a large soft target that happened to coincide with an exhibition soccer game and Friday night recreational activities when nobody had their guard up.

Comment Re:Too many self-absorbed people (Score 1) 119

IMHO, it's much worse now. People are seeing people like the Kardashians being famous for being famous and they are envious of that lifestyle. They too want fame and fortune that they haven't earned. That attitude bleeds over into people's daily lives. Next time you're driving around, notice how many people pull a full car-length past the painted stop line before they even consider stopping and how they would likely skip stopping if nobody was watching them because they are oh-so-important.

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