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Comment Re:Normal human translation (Score 1) 571 571

It's pretty simple. Profit motive. The time of the solitary inventor devoting his life to the joy of inventing is long since passed because of an ever increasing need of money to pay for things that we have no choice about. A major example is insurance. You have to have it and you have to have several different kinds. In some cases, you have to have insurance to protect you from people who don't have it even though they are required by law to have it. What a scam! The other big one that most people don't fully realize are fees. Fees upon fees upon more bullsh*t fees. Take a look at the statement for every monthly bill you get and study the laundry list of fees that have nothing to do with the commodity you're using. And some of those fees are so byzantine that you can't tell what they're for. Case in point: my electric bill for the workshop space that I rent has a $30 per month "metering" fee. The same line item for my house is only $3. So I called to find out what the eff. The first person I spoke to had no clue what it was. A supervisor told me that it's for a three-phase meter. I said, "But I don't have three-phase service inside the shop." Doesn't matter. The meter is the meter. Beyond that, we're rapidly going down the rat hole where the average person can't own anything anymore. They'll "rent" everything forever and wonder why they're broke all the time.

Comment Cue the global warming b.s. (Score 1, Insightful) 108 108

Yet another "reason" why using fossil fuels will be painted with an evil brush. OMFG, we won't be able to date anything!! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!
Oh, 'scuse me, I forgot that they conveniently rebranded it as "climate change" to cover their asses...I mean bases.

Comment Re:Welcome to the new "criminal justice" (Score 1) 446 446

I would classify any action taken against another that violates the target's Constitutional rights without due process as vigilantism particularly when it's politically motivated. For example, looting and torching somebody's business because you think they're associated with some view or way of life you don't like.

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