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Comment Re: Clear evidence of over-reaction (Score 4, Insightful) 193

Her claim of 'absent-mindedly' putting it on before going to the airport to pick up a friend (as I recall) was about as dubious as Ahmed's 'I invented this clock and wanted to show it off' claim.

You have never met real nerds. They do these things all the time, completely oblivious to the real world.
It's the kind of people that if you ask them how to make a bomb, the answer is: "Let me show you right now".
And I know from experience that they will have a working bomb, or at least an explosion within a few minutes, just from the stuff lying around.

Comment Re:Turn Them Off (Score 1) 125

Virtual desktops all the way:
1) browser
2) Terminals to remote machines (DB servers and such)
3) remote X applications started in those terminals
4) Main IDE
5) Running instance of the application I'm working on.
6) Documentation
7) Email, skype and such
8) iTunes, spotify, etc.
I could not be as productive with all of that cluttering up a single screen.

Comment Re:Very incomplete list - let's try again (Score 1) 403

now the joys of asymmetric warfare make it FAR harder.

Asymetric/guerilla warfare is much older than you think. Look up the 80 years war (1568–1648) and the (Water)Geuzen/Sea Beggars. The Dutch war for independence had a lot of guerilla style warfare in the first two decades.

Comment Re:Modern technology (Score 1) 451

These systems work because they can react far faster than a human can or doing things that are just about impossible to do otherwise

Most people don't realize how slow people really are because our brains lie to us. It takes quite a while for the neuron signals to travel from our brain to our feet when braking. Our brain delays us becoming conscious of that we decided to use our foot by the same amount.

But in reality there is up to about 0.5 seconds between the moment the visual input reaches our eyes, and we are able to start moving our feet. In a car at speed that can be quite a distance.

Comment Re:Make driving exiting to make it safe. (Score 1) 451

Those speed limits exist because you share the road with grandma. The roads are designed to she can get to visit her brother safely. It means that for those with better vision and reflexes than her, the roads are indeed a little boring. But still plenty of people manage to get into accidents, especially quite a few young people with good vision and reflexes.

It's also the irresponsible drivers that make it necessary to have the rules in the first place. Cars at speed are very lethal implements. Unfortunately drivers licences aren't a good enough gatekeeper to keep the stupid out of getting behind a wheel.

Jim Jefferies explains it quite well in a talk about gun control:

Comment Re: Glad to have it (Score 1) 451

Part of that is because the standards to obtain a drivers licence in the US is a joke. Go to Germany and see how much time, money, and effort is required, then come here and show up with a pulse and get a licence. (more or less)

The drivers licence in the USA is a means to obtain alcoholic beverages in primarily. It's utility in determining if someone is able to drive a motor vehicle is secondary and quite questionable.

I'm speaking of experience with having obtained both a Dutch and a US drivers licence.

The Dutch legally only allows the following country's drivers licences to be exchanged for a Dutch one without having to take both the theory and practical test: EU/EEA, Switzerland, Andorra, Israel, Japan, Monaco, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Quebec.
Any other drivers licences are not considered to be a valid proof that you've safe enough to drive on Dutch roads for a prolonged time. (tourists get excepted, confusing the issue somewhat for probably practical reasons).

Comment ComputerCraft (Score 1) 30

I grew up with the old LOGO ( in the eighties to teach elementary school kids some programming. (I was about 10-11 at the time).

Nowadays you can do the same with the ComputerCraft mod for Minecraft. I've now been using it for 3 years to teach 13-14 year old girls programming and it works really well. I teach about 80 in a few events throughout the year as an outreach program for my work. They start writing working programs within 30 minutes and within a couple of hours can do things like write their own name in Minecraft blocks.

It worked much better than I could have hoped, I can really recommend it to anyone who needs to teach kids or teenagers some basic programming. They will have fun doing it.

Comment Quickly outdated (Score 1) 77

I think the most important thing to remember on security related topics like this: The answers can get quickly outdated as technology progresses.

Books might be outdated by the time they appear in print, especially on a lot of practical details. What was considered impossible a few years ago might be done on a machine with a few big GPUs today. Technologies, ideas and theory advance a lot as there is a real war going on in the security field, both by big companies and more shady organisations. All with huge interests.

Comment Re:They'll start working on the next thing. (Score 1) 137

What academia needs to do is figure out what needs to be done in 2025, not 2015.

In my view the research that needs to be done at academia, is the stuff that has no immediate return on investment, and will thus never be done by industry.
Some research might never pay off, some might take a century.

That's the research that should be done with public funding, because the biggest breakthroughs have been from fundamental research, but their return on investment periods are too long for industry to ever bother.

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