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Comment: Re:marketing works (Score 1) 11

by RodRooter (#32629022) Attached to: Dating Site For Mac Lovers Only
the layout is a knockoff (And could be tighter in many respects), but some of the features are pretty slick. Although it's limited to content from iTunes (lots of movies missing there), it's cute that the search is pretty flawless and provides another measure of taste to work with.

Curious why the gadgets (feature) weren't working - that's the first thing and APPLE product derivative site would want to get working you'd think.

And I like large photos, at least on the splash. Doesn't hurt to try to sell your services and or philo rather than a screen of excel spreadsheet text (NYTimes - I'm looking at you - you're about as bad as Yahoo circa 1999)

Comment: marketing works (Score 1) 11

by RodRooter (#32607108) Attached to: Dating Site For Mac Lovers Only
Actually this is near genius. Take all of the metrics applied to profile people by Apple marketing, then turn it inward for other purposes. Marketing becomes API for a site. Don't even need to tap into current marketing data-streams to make it work, because it starts at the output side.

Freaking Brilliant. Site looks nice too.

Comment: the new mercury astronauts (Score 3, Insightful) 196

by RodRooter (#32607044) Attached to: Deformable Liquid Mirrors For Adaptive Optics
Sounds like something perfect for the next generation Hubble (or the next next one - the next one is getting ready for launch). Why fight gravity, when you can just spin it in space?

Course - making it spin for a long time between maintenance visits (on who knows WHAT vehicle) could be tricky.

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