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Comment: Re:"We don't go into the barrio for an iPhone " (Score 1) 664

by RocketChild (#46914777) Attached to: Death Wish Meets GPS: iPhone Theft Victims Confronting Perps
Yeah, and going in with a SWAT team costs the tax payers $60,000 each time they have to make a simple house call that could be done with two Black & Whites. Wasn't Mayor Giuliani's policy of going after small stuff semi-successful at turning NYC around because they felt that knocking down the pattern's of small crime helped fleece the bigger crimes as well?

Comment: Re:Withdrawn (Score 3, Insightful) 152

by RocketChild (#46293881) Attached to: ICE License-Plate Tracking Plan Withdrawn Amid Outcry About Privacy
Withdrawn for more tweaking to get stuffed into a massive PATRIOT 2 bill down the road. Just like the thousand other 'proposals' that were done in the 80's and 90's that were withdrawn and suddenly found in a bill that was 10,000 pages long and put together in a matter of hours to be passed without question.

Comment: Re:Hw much did he get paid to say that? (Score 2) 511

by RocketChild (#45799403) Attached to: US Federal Judge Rules NSA Data Collection Legal
I'm kinda thinking along the same line. Did the NSA supply the Dept of Justice with dirt on this Judge, or the Judge's kids that might ruin their career? I would really think not. But we all know that this is the inherent issue with widespread surveillance. They can game the system whether it is against criminals or their own judges. Maybe there was no dirt, just a promise that they'll get reappointed in 7years or possibly be up for something bigger down the road and maybe their kids would get an inside track on what ever route they are taking in life. In the end of the day, you start to think these are they guys that cheated all through their lives with the idea that "do whatever it takes to win, you must be the person on top no matter what is only you that matters!" When you think about how they are finding ways to cheat the laws of the land in the name of something else, what else do they cheat at or on?

Comment: Re:three responses (Score 1) 562

by RocketChild (#45730211) Attached to: Police Pull Over More Drivers For DNA Tests
I love the whole "Know your rights" comments, and I'm all for them. But it completely sucks that the minute you play the "I'm standing up for my rights" card, things can get expensive and ruin your life for the coming years over trivial BS that shouldn't have to happen. That blue wall can't be sued and most often, you end up being on the loosing side of many instances.

Comment: Re:Gaining speed down that slope... (Score 5, Insightful) 208

by RocketChild (#45549525) Attached to: UK Gov't Plans To Censor "Extremist" Websites Via Orders To ISPs
I'm very surprised that they moved so quick to do this so provocatively. It seems like that mission creep takes several years before it actually shows up. But that smoke screen of "think of the children" blew away quick. So...that leaves me wondering. What is "really" next?

Comment: Google Fiber (Score 0) 151

by RocketChild (#45527391) Attached to: Have 100GB Free? Host Your Own Copy of Wikipedia, With Images
I live in Austin. When I finally get Google Fiber to my neighborhood, it will be easy to help host this kind of stuff for global knowledge growth and I look forward to helping. But till then...I'm not going to kill my cheap TWC upload speeds or thrash my older HDDs because of the webtraffic. But I'm hopeful for the future.
Operating Systems

Valve Announces Linux-Based SteamOS 510

Posted by Soulskill
from the inexorable-linux dept.
Today Valve Software announced SteamOS, a Linux-based gaming operating system designed for, as Valve puts it, "living room machines." They say, "In SteamOS, we have achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing, and we're now targeting audio performance and reductions in input latency at the operating system level. Game developers are already taking advantage of these gains as they target SteamOS for their new releases." One major feature they're touting is the ability to use the SteamOS machine to stream video games from other Windows and Mac computers in the house to your TV. They mention media streaming as well, but without much detail. "With SteamOS, 'openness' means that the hardware industry can iterate in the living room at a much faster pace than they've been able to. Content creators can connect directly to their customers. Users can alter or replace any part of the software or hardware they want. Gamers are empowered to join in the creation of the games they love. SteamOS will continue to evolve, but will remain an environment designed to foster these kinds of innovation."

Comment: Cowards and Whipping Boys (Score 1) 202

by RocketChild (#44906643) Attached to: US Killer Robot Policy: Full Speed Ahead
It should be a law in Humanity that if you are going to attempt to take a human life in battle, you have to put yourself in the line of fire to fight for what you believe in. People sending robots off to fight as a proxy, instead of themselves or their children shows the cowardliness of a people and the hollow their beliefs in ethics. Napoleon suggested history was defined by the winners, but being hated by the world will not be worth the bad rep points the US will get.

Comment: Another Hubble? (Score 1) 77

by RocketChild (#43451299) Attached to: Construction of World's Largest Optical Telescope Approved
Why not just build another Hubble style device at that cost. Yeah, it would likely be more because we are talking about putting it in space too, but while we are still dealing with atmosphere issues and increasing air quality problems from Asia, maybe it would be better to just build a 20meter one in space? Especially if it is very modular and you could just continue to add on parts over the years predicting that we are likely to just send robots into space to do the operations instead of humans.

Comment: Who cares? (Score 1) 340

So, you knowI like that there are still breakthrough processes happening for the ‘green’ movement. But really, I want to be empowered by not having to buy something from Shell or Chevron. I want solar and electric cars. I can create energy at my own home and be independent to some degree. This just means that I still need to stop at a gas station forwait for itgas. Hydrogen gas! Even though it might take time to charge an electric car, it still seems better that we are not wasting farm land to harvest corn or plants to just burn in cars.

Comment: Make a Class (Score 1) 1108

Why not just make a Bill that says science classes can teach things that deal with hypothesis, theory and proven ideas that have gone through the standard scientific method. And then make a non-science class as an elective that allows study of esoteric topics that have not gone through scientific methods. I'm sure the whole creationism thing would only take about a week to cover at most and I don't know what they would fill the rest of the semester with. But, I wish they would stop meddling with proven science and trying to cloud out the classroom with questionable information.

To downgrade the human mind is bad theology. - C. K. Chesterton