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by RockDoctor (#47972253) Attached to: Researchers Report Largest DNA Origami To Date
I see your points, but I'm also seeing a wet chemistry (if not exactly "bucket" chemistry) process that is producing what looks like pretty flat (nanometre level of flatness)surfaces in quite substantial areas. And the electrical properties of that substrate can be controlled to a significant degree. There's potential there for micro-mechanical systems, or chip substrates. Quite a lot of interesting potential there.

Hypothesizing that you could use this to produce low-power electronics for, say a wireless environmental sensor of some sort, how does the idea of environmental sensors that are inherently biodegradable on a months-to-years time scale grab you?

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Spacesuits (well, "pressure suits") were originally developed for high-flying planes, not for space travel. There are significant enough hazards in high-altitide flight to require some pretty significant protective gear, even if it's not a fully-certified space suit.

Fuck, I know people who wear space-suit levels of protection and work within a couple of thousand feet of sea level. (what level of protection would you use to repair pumps and valve gear in a working sewage plant? Pretty comprehensively air-tight and puncture-proof, covering whole body.)

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I don't think you'd ask this on a teacher's forum

Do teachers have forums? Considering all the constraints that they face about the commercial confidentiality of their schools and their customers/ product/ victims (however they classify the kids), what would they be allowed to talk about?

It's been a few years since talked to (knowingly) a teacher, so I genuinely don't know. But you do see frequent enough news reports of teachers getting sacked for talking about the kids online that I'd expect them to treat the whole topic with a ten-foot bargepole.

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by RockDoctor (#47972153) Attached to: Proposed Law Would Limit US Search Warrants For Data Stored Abroad

and whether we could reasonably expect reciprocity from other nations on such an approach.

You cna expect reciprocity from nations that don't have nuclear weapons. That would be Russia (hmmm, being very reciprocal at the moment, with their traditional single-finger wave), China (same wave, I see ; odd that), UK, France (waving a greasy dildo and a stale crusty baguette respectively, both begging you to come back again soon, but for different reasons). Oh, and don't forget Israel, India, Pakstan, DPRK, and imminently Iran.

America is really on a steep learning curve with this international relations thing. Enjoy!

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Local music can easily not blow through that limit.

Shocking as it may seem to you, people's usage varies.

Mine [i.e. my music collection, not your music collection] does not (make any impression on that limit).

Shocking as it may seem to you, it consists a few hundred kilobytes of sound files for various bings and bongs which come as part of an OS. Actually, I don't really know how much it contains, since I've never looked, and don't have more than a vague idea on which partition it's stored. Streaming ... I've heard of it. Is there any reason whatsoever to find out anything further about it?

On the other hand, I clock up 10-20GB of photos each year, though I wouldn't use a camera phone for that. Unless I got a microscope attachment for it. Good point - I'll need to look at that, unless the client gets down and actually puts together a microphotography suite.

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in a different state.

Or just put them in a safety deposit box at a local bank.

I think that you missed the OPs concern with redundancy.

Having your backup in the local bank is really going to suck if they've been flooded out by the same event that flooded you out. (Floods may be fluids other than water, such as lava and volcanic ash.)

I'd be much more wary of shipping them across US international borders, where they'd be liable to seizure. Possibly at state borders too. But in that case, taking them to Auntie Flo isn't going to be any protection either.

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Geothermal and hydrocarbon are not good bedfellows. Where you've got a high enough geothermal gradient for it to be a significant source of power, then you're going to be cooking your kerogens at depth shallow enough to have little prospect of encountering a trap, and they'll just sep out ot surface. Plus, you'd have a wider gas window and narrower oil window, and the oil is considerably the more valuable for export sales.

Could you use directly geothermally-generated steam as a steam-flood source all in the one well? You'd need to rig your surface water injector on the injection well to higher pressures than for conventional water or steam injection (higher pressures cost more and wear out faster) but the production wells wouldn't need significantly different completion. Slugging of your steam flow from the geothermal source into the flood injection leg of the well would be an issue - potentially a big issue.

What are the odds of the shape and size of your geothermal field being sufficiently close to power an outer ring of injection wells and efficiently steam-flood into the central few producers. It's not impossible, but it's also not terribly likely. Geothermal fields tending to be relatively large and disperses, but oil fields being sharply delineated by their original oil-water contacts (would you drill out in the water leg, except to provide pressure / waterflood support? Would you sign the AFE for subsidiary drilling centres, access roads etc for a 1/3 increase in well count (steam producer plus the regular injector - producer pair). You might make a case, but it's not going to be a high likelihood case.

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On the other hand, having recently moved into an environment with communications,"chat" and such like bullshit, I can assure you that having your work interrupted 100 times a day (I shit you not) by numpties asking questions that they should be able to READ the answer to from their real-time data displays, is incredibly annoying. If they really want to have "hands-off" management of the "corporate risk" of operatins, perhaps they shoud get off their fat arses and come out into the field to give us 30-year veterans the beneft of their 30 days of experience in the classroom.

It's always possible that they can't cut the mustard when their errors could kill themselves, instead of other people.

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Ah, got you. Still needs appreciable power, but being a continuous load, that's not a major issue. The water makers on board are RO too, feeding and washing a couple of hundred (very) sweaty bodies. But for big fresh water requirements (hundreds of cu. m. ) we bring in non-potable water on one of the flotilla boats.

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You are right about the rain that falls on the ocean but I don't see how you're right when the rain falls on the land.

There is a lot more (About 3 times) area of ocean as there is land. And, as pointed out elsewhere, bunker oil is normally not burned until you're well out to sea, for precisely this reason. It's a perfectly good reason. Which is already covered.

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and coach you continuously to improve your fitness.

I'd vaguely got the idea that these things were about health-Nazi-ism. Thanks for confirming that.

[Adverts for "smart watch, crumpled into ball, fly across room and ... bounce out of the rubbish bin.] Balls! I'll pick them up later.

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