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Comment: Storytime for the Slashdot kiddie Bozos (Score -1) 1306 1306

Yup, the /. bozos strike again. The ignorance is flowing. The diarrhoea is bubbling over. The venom of silly young know-it-all men is shooting around the room. But do they actually say anything except the same old dribble that we hear every time such a story comes up. What's wrong kiddies? Daddy upset your Darwinian fairy story again? It's ok. When you grow up, you can learn to think for yourself. Perhaps then you will ask questions of the Darwinian fairy story and realise that is not fact, Fact, FACT but rather a nice little story that lots of people want to believe because it makes them happy.

Comment: Do no evil... (Score -1) 1475 1475

So much for Google's motto: "do no evil". This in fact shows just what an idiotic motto it really is, because the term evil is left undefined -- except to whoever gets to define it.

Stand to Reason offer good arguments against "gay" marriage, for the good of society (good == loaded term of course).

That does not compute.