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Google News Sci Tech: Federal judge approves FTC's $22.5-million fine on Google - Los Angeles Times->

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Irish Independent

Federal judge approves FTC's $22.5-million fine on Google
Los Angeles Times
A federal judge has approved a $22.5-million fine against Google despite calls from a consumer advocacy group for a stiffer penalty. U.S. District Judge Susan Illston issued the ruling late Friday, a few hours after a hearing arguments. The fine was part of a ...
Judge approves FTC's $22.5M fine of GoogleSan Jose Mercury News
Google fined $22.5 million over Safari privacy issueSlashGear
News Summary: FTC wins court approval to fine Google $22.5 million for Safari ... Washington Post
Bloomberg-Ars Technica-The Associated Press
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The best laid plans of mice and men are held up in the legal department.