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Comment: Re:Changing the law (Score 1) 55

Not in my understanding.

The recent supreme court decision related to this announcement and several others recently indicate that according to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we're guaranteed the right to privacy, and our actions online have a reasonable expectation of privacy and annonymity. Constitutionally speaking, we're safe online from unreasonable (unwarranted) search, it's not an issue of *a* law, it's an issue of the supreme law of the land. The government could try to amend our Charter to remove, or reduce this right, but that's a complicated process.

Any laws passed here have to be constitutionally sound, and lately the supreme court here has been coming down on what many are seeing as government overreach.

Comment: Re:Buggy whips? (Score 2) 769

by RobbieCrash (#46863717) Attached to: The Koch Brothers Attack On Solar Energy

This, 1,000 times this.

I get so angry about people complaining about how solar/renewable is so corrupt and is just going to make some old white guy rich. So, fucking, what?

I'd rather have some rich white asshole pissing on me and telling me it's raining than have a different rich white asshole pissing on me and telling me it's rain while I choke to death on coal fumes. Yes, someone is going to get rich. Good for them. American dream and all that. If that means that the rest of us suffer with higher taxes instead of starving to death/dying of thirst because we've burned off all the arable land and destroyed all the drinking water while fracking every last drop of oil out of the earth, so be it, I'll be better off.

If these rich white coal barons want to start raking it in by pumping out solar panels, nothing's stopping them. Fucking get on it.

Comment: Clearly in the minority (Score 0) 464

As someone who intends to use Glass or something like it for GPS while driving, I really don't see that Glass will be any more distracting than having my tablet do GPS for me, or my phone, or a dedicated GPS on the dash. I recognize that it may be slightly more distracting than the dedicated GPS due to the possibility of notifications suddenly taking focus on the screen, but no more so than when the same thing happens on my phone when I'm using it for GPS.

I understand the concern about people playing on the internet, or actually watching movies on it, but should the device's usage be outlawed due to things that it is simply capable of doing?

I recognize that these aren't exactly HUDs, but HUDs have been proven to not significantly increase reaction times, and to decrease the amount of time with your eyes off-road. From every review I've read about Glass online, the display is out of the way unless you want to look at it, and easily ignored when you're focused on something else.

Maybe I'm giving other drivers too much credit. Most people probably will be facebooking on them, not simply using them as a convenient display for GPS guidance.

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by RobbieCrash (#44927995) Attached to: LinkedIn Accused of Hacking Customers' E-Mails To Slurp Up Contacts

I'm relatively sure this is more likely the cause than anything else. A few times when I've opened a LinkedIn email invite or something akin, I've been prompted to sign in on a page that looks like a LinkedIn login page. After getting told I used the wrong password, I realized that actually the page was saying "Let us SIGN IN to your email and scrape contacts."

I'm sure it would've spammed all the no contacts I have on that email account, and I thought it was pretty scummy of them to make the "access your email" page look almost exactly like the "sign in to LinkedIn page."

Comment: Checking where it's shipped from... (Score 1) 125

by RobbieCrash (#44590677) Attached to: Amazon Forbids Crossing State Lines With Rented Textbooks

But Richard Hershman, vice president of government relations at the National Association of College Stores, points out that if a student has textbooks sent to her home state and ships them back from a different state where she attends college, Amazon could easily note the new shipping location.

I'm sure Amazon will start tracking this shit. Does Amazon give a fuck where a return was sent from? Do they even look? I'm sure everything gets dumped by the truckload into their return centre by FedEx or UPS or whomever, and that's the end of anyone giving a shit about shipping in that process.

Comment: Re:Screw You Obama (Score 1) 531

If you're not interested in making progress, why should anyone give a shit about the election rigging or journalist killing?

You seem to think that fixing government human rights abuses is probably a good thing, so we're apparently on the same side. You're just proving my point by saying you're uninterested because the exact focus of 'my' movement isn't the exact same as yours. Splintering off into a hundred laser-focused groups accomplishes nothing.

Unless your only mission is to get people to admit they don't know everything about everything, in which case, good luck accomplishing anything on either side of the divide.

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Oh, for sure. But the thing about it is, even without understanding the whole issue, a movement can make great progress if they have enough people that for one reason or another buy into it.

The conservative attack on climate science is a perfect example of this. 90% of the people arguing against climate science have no idea what they're talking about, the other 10% just don't care that they're wrong. Somehow, despite the fact that they're all ignorant about it they've managed to get some kind of public debate about the legitimacy of the science going. They've been able to do this by ignoring the fact that some of them are advocating for nuclear energy, some people want more drilling, some people want more clean coal, some want to power the world by burning small children, some people think that melting ice caps aren't an issue, some people think that it's natural, some people think whatever. All of them have decided that their way of doing things doesn't matter, as long as we all understand that worrying about climate change is stupid.

Comment: Re:Screw You Obama (Score 4, Insightful) 531

This is a perfect example of why left-wing politics are so unsuccessful. We need to stop trying to one-up each other, and focus on making whatever change is possible. If there is pressure on Russia for Pussy Riot or their anti-gay laws, and that pressure is maintained, there's a chance of changing those things. If we all start whinging about 'why don't you start caring about something else!' then the pressure drops, nothing changes; 500 voices yelling different things are a lot easier to tune out than 500 voices yelling the same. Just because the progress isn't aimed at what you, and many other people (myself included), feel is a bigger issue doesn't make it wrong.

Causes need people and momentum, splintering movements destroys them. Just because it's not guided at the worst of the worst doesn't mean that the human rights violations against Pussy Riot ok.

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by RobbieCrash (#44370025) Attached to: First Apps Targeting Android Key Vulnerability Found in the Wild

Patched code in AOSP, not patched binaries for devices. Your GNex does not get every update contributed to the AOSP source, it needs to be compiled and sent to your phone.

Currently, the GS4, HTCOne and anything running a CM based ROM has been patched for sure; I'm not aware of what the status on anything else is because I don't care.

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