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Submission Blockbuster CEO confused by Netflix fascination->

Robaato writes: Wired Magazine's Epicenter blog reports that Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes is baffled by the success of Netflix. "I've been frankly confused by this fascination that everybody has with Netflix," he said in an interview.

Keyes also expresses the belief that since HE is only interested in watching new releases, EVERYBODY is only interested in watching new releases. A film buff he is not.

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Submission 30 Years of Voyager->

Robaato writes: While Spirit and Opportunity's endurance is certainly amazing, the Voyager missions, launched 30 years ago, are just as incredible if not more so.

With the nuclear-powered Voyagers tipped to keep transmitting until at least 2020, Mr Murray has to show younger staff how to maintain the vital hardware. "I find it funny that I send people I am teaching to go and get parts for these machines that are older than them," he said.
Which do you think is more impressive, the Mars Rover's survival in the harsh conditions on Mars, or Voyager 1 and 2's sheer longevity?

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Submission Blockbuster chooses Blu-Ray over HD-DVD->

Robaato writes: "Blockbuster has opted to stock Blu-Ray over HD-DVD in almost all of its brick & mortar stores. However, they will still carry both HD formats on their online service. Endgadget calls it a "huge blow to Toshiba, Universal, and the rest of the HD DVD devotees," and asks "is the war over?" in their headline. Is this realistic, or could they be over-estimating the impact of Blockbuster in this day and age?"
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Submission Citizendium isn't interested in your opinion

Robaato writes: In his blog, David Still writes about how he had an idea on how to streamline the process of keeping editors informed of article approval requests on Citizendium. He got favorable responses from several people, including a member of Citizendium's editorial committee. However, when he tried to post it on the Citizendium-L list, it was blocked by Larry Sanger himself.

You are not welcome to participate in this way, particularly since you have proven that you lack the good sense and diplomacy to know how to work with actual adults.
If this is how Sanger is going to treat his editors, why would anyone want to become one?
Technology (Apple)

Submission Innovative features on iPhone are old hat in Japan

Robaato writes: "According to this Los Angeles Times article (reg. req.), the iPhone is still a ways behind your typical Japanese cellphone. Midrange models in Japan include GPS functionality, music, games, web browsing, and more.
For example, I've never NOT had the equivalent of "Visual Voice Mail" or "push" e-mail on my (NTT DoCoMo) phones."
Technology (Apple)

Submission Apple's NY 5th Avenue store is 'insult to Islam'

Robaato writes: "The Register reports that an Islamic website has declared the Fifth Avenue Apple store as an insult to Islam, due to its resemblance to the Ka'ba, and the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, just like the Ka'ba. The photo on the linked page seems to show that they were reacting to what the store looked like during construction.

What next, a condemnation of the GameCube? How about the Rubik's Cube?"

Submission The iPod on shuffle: truly random, or psychic?

Robaato writes: Stephen Levy writes in the Guardian about the perception of randomness, or the lack thereof, on an iPod set to shuffle. From the article:
My first iPod loved Steely Dan. So do I. But not as much as my iPod did.... I didn't keep track of every song that played every time I shuffled my tunes, but after a while I would keep a sharp ear out for what I came to call the LTBSD (Length of Time Before Steely Dan) Factor. The LTBSD Factor was always perplexingly short.

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