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Comment: Re:You can't steal information (Score 1) 275

by Rob_Bryerton (#48229489) Attached to: CHP Officers Steal, Forward Nude Pictures From Arrestee Smartphones
Hi. I see by your reply that, even though you're not really new here (judging by your UID), you're not really sure how things work.

Slashdot earns money through advertising. More page views = more ads shown = more ad clicks = more money earned.

In order to drive the page views, Slashdot "editors" troll their readership in order to stimulate discussion through upsetting people, driving them to respond to stories they otherwise would pass up. They do this in several ways, including, but not limited to:

Intentional misspellings and poor grammar in the summaries.
Intentional inflammatory use of terminology (like this summary, which got you to reply (and I replied to the meta-troll))
Injection of political or religious themes or topics (a classic; never gets old, works every time)
And so on...

Now, with this information in hand, you can read the summaries and pick out the trolling technique used in about, oh, 90% of the stories/summaries posted.

Comment: Re:90% is still a good rule (Score 1) 170

These guys have got better things to do than squeeze a few extra months out of an array that's on a 3 or 4 year lease or support contract.

If you're doing your sizing projections correctly (very tricky, I'll give you that), space is not an issue, but time is. If you lease, then you need a replacement installed before the lease is up; the leasing company wants their hardware back. There is no stretching it out. If you purchase, you are bound by the length of your support contract, as nobody sane is going to run an enterprise array without a current support contract.

Comment: Opt out of the credit scam (Score 1) 907

by Rob_Bryerton (#47994509) Attached to: Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running
Just opt out from the credit system; it only exists to keep people on the hook, enriching others on the backs of the poor and ignorant.

Get rid, and stay rid of all debt. Destroy the credit cards; you don't need them and they will only screw you over. Use cash or debit, even checks, for all transactions. Start a habit of saving. After a year or two, you can buy a car using YOUR MONEY and be done with it. Live within your means; stop buying useless crap.

Opt out; they need you, but you DO NOT NEED THEM.

"The way of the world is to praise dead saints and prosecute live ones." -- Nathaniel Howe