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Comment Get a TiVo S3 (Score 1) 448

Get a TiVo Series 3 and move on with more important things. TiVo can do anything that MCE, has already addressed cable card issues and is more stable then Myth/FreeVo. The only thing that you will be challenged with is playing stolen movies from BitTorrent in DiVX format. What can you do: Record standard, digital and HDTV content Stream MP3s from your PC View Photos from your PC Download rental and purchased movies from Amazon Unbox Upload home movies, using One True Media Purchase movie tickets from Fandango Stream music from Live365 Yahoo Photos, Traffic and Weather What you can't do: TiVo ToGo (download movies from S3 to your PC), only works for Series 2, this is in order to maintain legality with Cable Labs/Cable Card "Easily" upload movies/other content from native DivX, you must go through the One True Media challel. Time consuming but it does work Play PC games - the included TiVo games are pretty stale, but for this I have a real PC and I really don't care.

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