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Journal Rob T Firefly's Journal: They've killed my Metamod! 1

At work I'm stuck using MSIE6 for Windows XP Pro (I know, I know, but I'm not IT and I have no power here, nor do I wish for any.) Slashdot's Firehose feature never worked in it; the +/- buttons simply fail to do anything. I never minded, since I didn't really dig sifting through the Firehose.

Now they have suddenly gotten rid of the old meta-moderation system and replaced it with an extension of the Firehose functionality.

Since I do most of my Slashdotting form work, this basically means I have to go from metamodding regularly in the course of killing time at the office, to metamodding during the occasional evening I'm Slashdotting from home.

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They've killed my Metamod!

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  • Same issues. He said that he would submit it, but since ie6 accounts for less than 5% of their hits, I can understand how they aren't exactly falling over themselves to fix it. Maybe the forced lack of metamodding will suddenly give me the boon of mod points?

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