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Journal Rob T Firefly's Journal: Random plug of the day 1

Not sure if anyone got any pictures or video of me during the closing ceremonies at The Last HOPE, but I just so happened to be wearing my beloved Slashdot 10th Anniversary t-shirt during it.

This clip of the closing ceremonies is worth watching because A) I'm covered by some guys big head in the shot, and 2) Emmanuel finally answers the burning question "is this really The Last HOPE?"
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Random plug of the day

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  • I should have about 20 minutes of the closing ceremonies, which managed to fill up the rest of my new 4GB card... I knew I should have bought a second one...

    My video is from right next to two of the archive cameras, about 3 rows back, on the opposite side of the aisle from that link you posted.

    I'll be posting lots of stuff on Flickr and YouTube under this same username, once I finally sort through it all. I'd give it about a week.

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