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Comment Hole Punch - Double Sided Floppy (Score 3, Informative) 241

I used to buy single sided floppy disks and then use a hole punch to create the track index hole and the write tab. This turned it into a double-sided floppy. I'd this with good quality Verbatim disks. You could then take the disk out of the single sided drive and flip it over -- by hand -- to get double the capacity. But that was way before most of you young punks were even born. Now... get off my lawn.

Actually, my best hardware hack was an Arduino device that I turned into a product which has since sold thousands of units. 32kB flash, 2.5kB SRAM. Can send messages via the international space station.

Comment Re:Ethics (Score 5, Informative) 348

Hiring a specific sub-sect of human because they can be paid less is more than discriminatory. It's unethical.

Multi-national companies are *not* American companies and they have no allegiance to America or its citizens. Their ethics are not your ethics. They see "shareholder value" as the highest ethic. To them, national boundaries are a hindrance to maximizing shareholder value.

Submission Spy industry leaders befuddled over "deep cynicism" of American public->

autonomous_reader writes: ARS Technica has a story on this week's Intelligence & National Security Summit, where CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey had a lot to say about the resistance of the American public to government cyber spying and anti-encryption efforts. Blaming resistance on "people who are trying to undermine" the intelligence mission of the NSA, CIA, and FBI, John Brennan explained it was all a "misunderstanding." Comey explained that "venom and deep cynicism" prevented rational debate of his campaign for cryptographic backdoors.
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Comment Re:US Citizens? (Score 3, Interesting) 216

Wow -- why was such an insightful question modded down. There seems to be an organized campaign to downvote all posts raising similar questions. This is a very legitimate question. The terms of service does not seem to imply the the signer needs to be a U.S. citizen or have a right to vote in this country. That's a huge problem.

Comment Re:Anyone know if (Score 1) 102

We're producing less? I'm guessing no and that this is the effects of all that automation I keep hearing isn't happening...

Our manufacturing sector is growing, but slowly. It is far slower than most developing countries. Here is a decent article on manufacturing grown rates: That said, we are probably dropping in certain sectors, such as computer/electronics manufacturing. The U.S. is either outsourcing or automating a lot of the manufacturing jobs out of existence.


Software Is Hiring, But Manufacturing Is Bleeding 102

Nerval's Lobster writes: Which tech segment added the most jobs in August? According to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech consulting gained 7,000 positions in August, (Dice link) below July's gains of 11,100, but enough to set it ahead of data processing, hosting, and related services (which added 1,600 jobs) and computer and electronic-product manufacturing (which lost 1,800 jobs). The latest numbers reflect some longtime trends: The rise of cloud services and infrastructure has contributed to slackening demand for PCs and other hardware, eroding manufacturing jobs. At the same time, increased appetite for everything from Web developers to information-systems managers has kept employers adding positions in other technology segments. If that didn't make things difficult enough for manufacturing folks, the rise of automation has cut down on the number of manufacturing jobs available worldwide, contributing to continuing pressure on the segment as a whole, despite all the noise about bringing those jobs back to the U.S.

Comment Re:Calculations (Score 1) 99

The holes are in the assumptions of 10km/s delta-V, 1000kg craft and 1000km of tether. Make it a 100kg craft using 100km of tether and a much smaller delta-V leads to a much different result. A 1km/s delta-V is nothing to sneeze at. Additionally, half of that energy is transferred into the velocity and angular momentum of the captured object.

It's certainly a better idea than mine: wrapping the probe in a loose wad of double sided sticky tape and aiming directly at the comet.

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