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Comment Re:John Oliver (Score 1) 232

This deserves to be modded up. The main issue with the news media these days is the complete lack of "what the fuck?!?" when presenting stories on these sorts of issues. While it might make sense to present some news stories in a detached, dispassionate manner, certain behavior, especially of government, where the fourth estate would like to claim an inherent civil duty, needs to be held up and ridiculed when it is this badly debased. People like John Oliver, and Jon Stewart before him, are able to say "look how fucked up this shit is! No, look closer. It is worse than you imagine!" This country needs way more of that.

Oh, look, a Kardashian...

Comment Re:The older systems also had more ram and pci (Score 1) 99

That's my biggest beef with it. It feels like a learning-computer to me, something for a student to use to study very specific aspects of system design. A physical counterpart to Minix. Yet it seems to be touted as something more capable than that.

-- emphasis mine

By whom? Certainly not by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. They describe it as a tiny and affordable computer for kids.

Submission + - Japanese company makes low calorie noodles out of wood

AmiMoJo writes: Omikenshi Co, an Osaka based cloth manufacturer best known for rayon, a fibre made from tree pulp, is expanding into the health food business. Using a similar process, Omikenshi is turning the indigestible cellulose into a pulp that’s mixed with konjac, a yam-like plant grown in Japan. The resulting fibre-rich flour, which the company calls “cell-eat,” contains no gluten, no fat and almost no carbohydrate. It has just 60 calories a kilogram, compared with 3,680 for wheat.

Submission + - A Secretive Air Cargo Operation Is Running in Ohio, and Signs Point to Amazon (

citadrianne writes: In 2013, at the height of the holiday season, a surge of last minute Amazon orders and bad weather left many customers without gifts under the tree on Christmas day.

Amazon said the problem was not due to issues with its warehouses or staff, but failures on the part of UPS and other shipping partners. It apologized and reimbursed some customers with $20 gift cards, but the debacle underscored for Amazon the disadvantages of relying on third party shippers for its delivery process.

Since then, Amazon has been increasingly investing in its own alternatives, from contracting additional couriers to rolling out its own trucks in some cities.

The latest rumored venture into Amazon shipping has a name: Aerosmith.

An air cargo operation by that name launched in September of this year in Wilmington, Ohio on a trial basis. The operation is being run by the Ohio-based aviation holding company Air Transport Services Group, or ATSG, out of a state-of-the art facility. It's shipping consumer goods for a mysterious client that many believe to be Amazon.

Submission + - Scientists may have found the earliest evidence of life on Earth ( 1

sciencehabit writes: When did life on Earth begin? Scientists have dug down through the geologic record, and the deeper they look, the more it seems that biology appeared early in our planet’s 4.5-billion-year history. So far, geologists have uncovered possible traces of life as far back as 3.8 billion years. Now, a controversial new study presents potential evidence that life arose 300 million years before that, during the mysterious period following Earth’s formation.

The clues lie hidden in microscopic flecks of graphite—a carbon mineral—trapped inside a single large crystal of zircon. Zircons grow in magmas, often incorporating other minerals into their crystal structures of silicon, oxygen, and zirconium. And although they barely span the width of a human hair, zircons are nearly indestructible. They can outlast the rocks in which they initially formed, enduring multiple cycles of erosion and deposition.

Comment Re:People who think economics is not a science... (Score 1) 375

Anyone pitching anything but the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act as the root cause of our economic trouble is fronting for one party or the other and in order to obfuscate the truth. Glass-Steagall kept us out of trouble for 70 years. It took less than a decade to find every moral hazard which that act opened up. There are a lot of powerful interests doing their utmost to have you look everywhere but there. That's because the fix is rather self-evident.

Comment Hole Punch - Double Sided Floppy (Score 3, Informative) 251

I used to buy single sided floppy disks and then use a hole punch to create the track index hole and the write tab. This turned it into a double-sided floppy. I'd this with good quality Verbatim disks. You could then take the disk out of the single sided drive and flip it over -- by hand -- to get double the capacity. But that was way before most of you young punks were even born. Now... get off my lawn.

Actually, my best hardware hack was an Arduino device that I turned into a product which has since sold thousands of units. 32kB flash, 2.5kB SRAM. Can send messages via the international space station.

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