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Comment What is "spilling the beans" supposed to mean? (Score 1) 303

On 9/11 dozens of people "spilled the beans" by reporting underground explosions and 5 Israelis were arrested by the police and quietly released later on. Practically all news networks reported underground explosions.

Did it matter?

No. It's still considered a "conspiracy theory". Why should it matter when somebody "spills the beans" if the media and public just ignore it?

Comment Re:FTFY... (Score 1) 492

But they would vote for Hillary who built up ISIS while at the same time claiming to be at war with it. Similar in Libya.

The problem with liberals is that they are just too gullible and are accepting even the most hairbrained excuses from their beloved leaders.

Obama, who was hailed as great moral paragon has helped create a slave society in the 21st century just to get a lower price on Iraqi oil. And Hillary was his Secretary of State.

But of course you can't criticize him or her because that would make you racist or sexist, right?

When Hillary says that the US military just "couldn't find" ISIS' oil infrastructure for many months, liberals will believe it.
When Hillary says that the US military could finally find ISIS' oil infrastructure within a few hours to drop leaflets on them to warn against Russian air strikes in order to prevent "civilian casualties", liberals will believe it.
When Hillary says that she deleted her emails accidentally, liberals will believe it.

And that is basically SJW-ism in a nutshell. Gullibility mixed with pure evil.

Comment Re:FTFY... (Score 0) 492

They also buy oil from ISIS (via Turkey) while at the same time claiming to be at war with ISIS.

And they vote for Hillary Clinton who - as Secretary of State - has a lot of responsibility for that whole ISIS-situation.

Trump once said that normally a person like Hillary couldn't run, which of course is true, but Hillary's involvement with ISIS would land her on the gallows in any self-respecting country.

Anybody who votes for Hillary has no morals at all.

Forget all her corruption scandals - but can you really vote for somebody who helped create and sustain a modern slave-society, while at the same time pretending to be at war with it? I mean is there anything worse somebody can do as Secretary of State?

But the gig is up. The Russians have destroyed ISIS's oil revenue stream and they are collapsing fast.

The US air force was "unable to find" ISIS's oil infrastructure (yes, that's the official story!) except when the Russians were coming in, then they were able to find it within hours and drop leaflets on them to warn against the coming Russian airstrikes.

And that kind of politics is what the SJWs want to continue. Seriously.

Comment Re:FTFY... (Score 1) 492

Yeah, Obama and Turkey were using ISIS to get a slightly lower price on Iraqi oil (while being officially at war).

For about a year the US air force was "unable to find" the HQ of ISIS, "unable to find" the oil trucks. And all that despite the fact that numerous journalists could find said HQ.

Now the Russians went in, started bombing their HQ and even more importantly the oil trucks. The US military dropped warning leaflets to warn them against the Russian bombings ("to avoid collateral damage"), but that didn't work.

Interestingly, somehow the Americans were able to find all the soft targets of ISIS within hours/days to warn them - after being "unable to find" them so for about a year.

Game over ISIS. Without oil revenue it won't survive for very long.

To get back on topic, ISIS recently issued a fatwa about how to treat female slaves.

So Obama and Hillary, darlings of all SJWs, helped to create (and sustain) a slave-society in the 21st century.

And what do SJWs do? Vote for Hillary of course. And say that ISIS has "nothing to do with Islam".

In their hearts, SJWs are totalitarians. And every single time their efforts lead to suffering and destruction they blame their victims (which are the American taxpayers).

Comment Re:FTFY... (Score 3, Insightful) 492

Irrelevant - once the mechanism is there, it will be abused.

SJWs are yearning for complete arbitrary exclusion of any other opinion. Basically they think that if only the world would become a giant echo-chamber it would be a better place.

These are seriously sick people.

Just look at "WillAffleckUW" above. It is a fact that the 1950s meant (at least in the US) a period of great prosperity and low crime.

As a result "WillAffleckUW" thinks that everybody who has something good to say about the 1950 is a aryanbrotherhoodmemberwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

You see how they can easily imagine violence or threats?

Comment Re:FTFY... (Score 4, Informative) 492


These rules are never universally applied, for example it is still allowed to harass, inimidate and demonize white people, Christianity and "traditional gender roles".

Similarily, in the official FBI crime statistics, "Hispanics" is a victim category but they are lumped into whites for perpetrators.

So when a Hispanic kills a white for racial reasons, the crime goes onto the books as a "racist white-on-white hate crime". (No joke, they really count that way in order to reach their anti-white race quotas - without Hispanics there are just too few hate crimes with white perpetrators.)

Most hate crimes are of course Hispanic on black and vice versa, so with that trick you get a ton of "white on black" and "black on hispanic" hate crimes even though whites have usually nothing to do with them.

You can call for genocide of white people in any politically correct medium and you will NOT get banned.

Comment Re:I can tolerate a really hot hottub (Score 1) 488

... out to leech off all economies.

Fixed that for you.

Oh, and they already have a pretty nice parasitic climatology industry, it's was about $8.8 billion in 2010, currently probably substantially more than that.

That's a lot of motivation to exaggerate or lie outright about global warming (or "climate change").

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