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Comment Re:I can tolerate a really hot hottub (Score 1) 488

... out to leech off all economies.

Fixed that for you.

Oh, and they already have a pretty nice parasitic climatology industry, it's was about $8.8 billion in 2010, currently probably substantially more than that.

That's a lot of motivation to exaggerate or lie outright about global warming (or "climate change").

Comment Re:Or. you know... we could just fucking stop... (Score 1) 696

The more interesting question is why no one seems to have a problem encouraging more men to go in to nursing, but so many people seems to think encouraging more women to enter tech is going to destroy the world...

SJWs have pretty much destroyed the Mozilla project.

So there is a precedent that shows the damage SJWs can do.

Comment Re:Step One: get out of the way (Score 1, Flamebait) 696

The sort of adolescent behavior you're defending not only contributes nothing, but is actively harmful to any project.

Absolutely wrong.

When you respect those that have contributed something (= Meritocracy) you get contributors that feel respected and are therefore willing to contribute.

If you turn it into some SJW-convention where every idiot can get brownie-points based on his race, gender or perversion, then you may attract a lot of useless SJWs but you will lose the actual contributors because they no longer get respected because they are not "diverse" enough.

Get it through your head: We don't want you, we don't need you, you are parasites that are poison in every organization. You are not just useless, you are actually harmful.

Go away and die.

Comment Re:On the Internet no one knows you are a dog... (Score 1) 696

You have to stop trying to argue rationally with SJWs. All they want is to take over stuff (companies, projects, anything of value) that other people have created.

They are unable to create anything on their own, that is why they need Affirmative Action, etc.

Don't think of them as rational beings - they are parasites, basically con-men (or con-women). Do you argue with con-men? Do you think arguing with work? These are fundamentally immoral people.

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