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by afidel (#47520863) Attached to: SpaceX Releases Video of Falcon Rocket's Splashdown

Reducing cost through optimization of manufacturing can be more important than lots of original research, for instance the recent boom in photo-voltaic solar has much more to do with the plummeting $/W for panels made with decades old technology then it does with the constant stream of announcements that some group has eeked out .5% better efficiency out of cells made of unobtanium. I'm not saying that basic science research or materials science research should be halted, just that people who poo poo people making a better/cheaper widget just because it's not new and sparkly are missing the forest for the trees.

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by ultranova (#47520327) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

As to ending up in jail or dead, nothing I did was illegal. He brandished a weapon at me and I showed him I had a bigger one.

Escalating a fight when you don't need to is stupid and, in most places, illegal.

As to your second point, I looked for a point in it... and couldn't see an actual argument in it. Please rephrase.

Nuclear war is a bad thing, since it'll kill you. Promoting behaviour that leads to it is stupid.

As to your third point, I have millions of years of natural selection humming in my veins. I am not some skittish herd beast. I not a rat. I am not a rabbit.

No, you're just some dude with serious impulse control issues and delusions of grandieur.

I am a homo sapian. A man. I'm the ape that cracks atoms and marks his territory on the moon.

Claiming credit for other people's achievements is not the least bit impressive.

Come at me.


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See, the thing is, you're reading that I actually need .docx, which I haven't actually said anywhere

No I caught that, but decided to making the point that docx (actually the harder HR requirement to meet) is still a very low practical barrier.

But mate, cheers for the MS Office sales pitch.

By providing 3 ways to avoid buying it altogether? and one final way that costs less than a premium coffee?? Yeah... Microsoft is paying me well to shill for them, LAMO. :p

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by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#47519471) Attached to: Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows
History isn't encouraging, though. They've been pursuing the dream of one windows to rule them all since the days when that involved smearing a crude layer of flayed win95 across winCE and pretending it was a good fit for PDAs.

Now that hardware has advanced they have a much better shot at architectural unification (if memory serves, NT has basically edged out everything else except for whatever CE support they provide for legacy customers); but UI? That won't go well.
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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Thirty Four

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An alarm woke me up at quarter to seven and for once I didn't mind a bit, and in fact I was glad it woke me up. I was in the middle of a really weird dream. A herd of cows was stampeding towards me, only they were running on their hind legs and somehow carrying big butcher knives in their front hooves, all singing a Chartov song while coming at me. Too many westerns, I guess.
It was engine seventeen, somethin

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You are of the opinion that nothing bad happens to men and it always happens to women.

Nope. I'm just doubting the OP.

You are doubting the OP solely on the basis that the OP is a male, since that's the only information you have about him. That only makes sense if you're of the opinion that nothing bad ever happens to men.

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ASCII is more than 30 years old, it's 51 years old, and I'd bet $10,000 that it will be readable by nearly every computer in another 51 years. UTF-8 and UTF-16 are also highly unlikely to be unreadable anytime during my lifetime since they've been in use for 21 years and are open standards with many real world implementations.

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That is how a man deals with a threat of violence.

If he wants to end up dead or in jail, yes. Smart people simply speed away from the dumbass who's chasing a car on foot, and maybe report him to the police.

Men don't ask for that. We protect ourselves. Up to the point of going to thermonuclear war. Literally.

And you see this as such a desirable result that not only do you not seek to change your ways, but you actively recommend others to embrace them?

Dude, Broforce is fiction.

Toughen up or bow out.

Grow up or die. Next crazy dude you humiliate might come visit you with ten friends. Natural selection only has so much patience for your bullshit.

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and being financially challenged I'm doing the work from LIbre Office.

Ok, so your "financially challenged". I can accept that.

And lets suppose you need your resume in DOCX format as part of the application process. What do you do?

We're trying to do it on the cheap so...

a) Do you really not have a single friend, family member, or neighbor who has office who would be willing to allow you to load your ODF resume, clean it up, and save it as docx? Really? Not a single one?

b) Employment offices - around here there are all manner of taxpayer funded, and volunteer organizations to help people get jobs -- they provide resume assistance, job boards, etc... surely someone there can take your file and help you get a clean DOCX version.

c) Grace period. ok, you have no friends and there are no support mechanisms out there for you to lean on. There are plenty of versions that will run for 30 days grace period before they insist on activating. Several don't even require a key to be input during install. Download a VLA ISO via a torrent site and install it, get your DOCX and remove it. Don't even need cracks.

d) ok, you have no friends, no employment support groups, and you feel even taking advantage of the free grace period is too close to piracy for your strong sense of ethics. $7 bucks a month gets you office 365 personal edition. That's pretty cheap for a legal and DIY option. Skip a meal and haul a bag of aluminum cans to the recycler and you've got MS Office for few weeks, more than enough time to get a resume in order.

Not to be disrespectful to your or your current position, but I'm skeptical you really can't get a reasonable docx version of your resume that easily.

So you don't have $120 to drop on Office Home and Student right now, despite it being an "investment" in getting a job... but really ... you don't know anybody who has a copy who will help you out? Nevermind the other options I listed.

As for PDF... sheesh that's even easier. Assuming your word processor doesn't have the capability built in, or your operating system via the pritner subsystem. (OSX can save to PDF natively, as can Linux if you set it up. And there are several free PDF printer drivers for windows as well.)

But even if all that is too complicated or esoteric there are plenty of online document convertor websites that will take your document and give you a download link to a pdf version. Just google "word to pdf"... even a newbie can manage that or will at the very least know someone who can help them with that.

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by afidel (#47517395) Attached to: SpaceX Releases Video of Falcon Rocket's Splashdown

which we keep buying/making to prop up the ICBM industry with civilian dollars.

More like to feed dollars to Utah as demanded by their powerful senior senator. (ATK's Thiokol unit is based on Utah and Hatch has been seated since 1977 and his predecessor served from 59-77)

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by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#47517015) Attached to: Amazon Fire Phone Reviews: Solid But Overly Ambitious
The CPU and GPU are fine, reports on battery life seem to vary, with excellent results if you turn the 'dynamic perspectives' thing off and don't firefly much, tepid ones if you actually try to use those features; but the screen is genuinely disappointing for a phone in that price range, although the internal storage is better than usual.

There's nothing offensively wrong with it; but the price tag befits a device that is genuinely compelling in some way, which it isn't.

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by afidel (#47516981) Attached to: Oso Disaster Had Its Roots In Earlier Landslides

River birch survives just fine in my climate here in Northeastern Ohio, we average 1.5m of snowfall and regularly see -23C temperatures with dips about once a decade down to around -35C. We're at the extreme northern end of their range though so it would probably be a crap shoot as to whether it would grow.

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Unfortunately, while stock android is undeniably Google's little fiefdom, 'FireOS' is a pretty much point-for-point a replacement of hegemonic Google with hegemonic Amazon (somewhat more, arguably, given the 'silk' browser's extensive default reliance on server-side processing).

It is pretty stark how lousy de-googled Android is; but Amazon isn't really here to change the dynamic of effectively closed control of the platform, just who controls it. Getting models with a 'clean' AOSP firmware(typically excluding drivers; because it seems to be blobs all the way down on the mobile side) isn't hard; but using them is fairly grim.

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