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by RivenAleem (#46695027) Attached to: For the First Time, Organ Regenerated Inside a Living Animal

I would expect that we will also overcome the desire to procreate, once the future of the species is assured. As I read on /. some time ago, Humans really like to have sex, but aren't really keen on raising children, beyond what we feel is necessary to preserve the race. It is seen in every population study. As medicine advances, as our quality of life increases, birth rate drops.

When we start living forever, we won't have this great need to create offspring anymore. We'll still behave like rabbits, but we won't breed like them.

We'll become like almost every iteration of "elven/long lived" creatures in fantasy books, long lives but few offspring.

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While I agree that for some corporations, security is handled poorly, (not an expert on this, sorry) I would expect that any corporation that knows it's working on a military contract, is not the target of the FBI general alert of which comprises the subject of the article.

This alert is a general one to tech companies in the Boston area, and not to defense contractors. As if your average tech company might just happen to be working on something with massive military potential and not know it. This leads me to think that the only point of this is to spread fear of anything Russian just to give the government something to protect the public against.

Comment: No, just no. (Score 1) 132

Anything that the Russians can get their hands on by simply working with regular US companies, is not going to give them sudden military advantages. Any military-relevant research happening in the US is happening in secret.

The kind of companies that the Russians are getting involved in are the type that will publicly announce any major breakthroughs or inventions on the web, because they are interested in domestic and foreign investment.

This is just another FUD statement to try reinforce hate directed at the Russians in order to generate acceptance when the next budget rolls around and we ask why Three Letter Agencies are still being given so much money for spying on citizens of the US.

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