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Comment: Re:Easy solution ... provide a better excuse (Score 1) 401

by RivenAleem (#47464815) Attached to: Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer

Firstly, remember they WILL resort to lying, begging or pleading to get you to keep the service.

Secondly, unless you keep a record of you telling them you are cancelling, either in a recording or registered mail, they will send your unpaid bills to debt collectors, and your credit rating will take a nosedive.

So either lie to them, or record the phone call, make it last 5 minutes. "Hi I'm calling to cancel my account, here are my customer details... I am keeping a recording of this call for my records. Have a nice day"

Comment: Re:we've known this for a while (Score 1) 214

by RivenAleem (#47448829) Attached to: Economist: File Sharing's Impact On Movies Is Modest At Most

You see, that's exactly it.

If you released the movie for free (even low quality) before the theatrical release, then two things happen.

1) All that money they spend on marketing is worthless
2) If the Movie is bad then nobody goes to watch it

At the moment, they can spend lots of money on marketing to fool people into going to see it in the cinema. The money they give to the marketeers can be written off against the 'profits'. If you got access to the whole movie prior to release, then they couldn't hide the lemons they produce under millions spent on bribing critics. If they couldn't bribe critics, then they would be forced to make good movies. Their ability to churn out shit movies is vital to their money laundering organisation.

Comment: Re:Superman (Score 1) 249

This is something I like about the latest Captain America movie, versus other avenger-related movies. Captain America is described as "The peak of human capability" which I take to mean he's not actually super-human. This means that the villains he fights don't have to be super-human. The Winter Soldier was a freak, but didn't have a super power.

It helps to ground the movie/story when the characters are not super-human. On the opposite side we have man of steel, which descended into a bit of a super-farce for the last hour between Clarke and Zod.

Comment: Re:Seems excessive... (Score 1) 86

by RivenAleem (#47406053) Attached to: Netflix Is Looking To Pay Someone To Watch Netflix All Day

It depends on whether you embrace it or not. There are some people for whom game tester is an amazing job. It also depends on the games being tested. There is a small clip of a demo at a con done by one of the game testers.

When you are this good, even game testing can be fun, I guess.

Comment: Re:Not Australian, but I support this! (Score 1) 153

by RivenAleem (#47405921) Attached to: New Zealand ISP's Anti-Geoblocking Service Makes Waves

Not entirely true.

Terrestrial TV companies (RTE in Ireland and BBC in UK) have agreements with the regulators to give them first shot at airing TV shows in the country. It can often be on their behest that these shows are not available to stream from Netflix and Hulu. It took years to even be able to get Netflix in Ireland in the first place!

Comment: Re:Holiday in the USA? (Score 1) 702

by RivenAleem (#47405881) Attached to: TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes

My wife is from Poland (I am Irish), and in order to go to the US for a holiday, we have to ring a premium phone line to arrange an interview, where we must demonstrate that we have return flights booked, hotel booked and enough spare cash to keep us going while we're there. She must also provide details of employment etc. to prove she won't try to stay there illegally.

This is before all the TSA bullshit which I, who can easily get a visa, won't stand for in the first place.

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