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Comment: Re:Best idea is not to hide. (Score 1) 240

If 95% of the entire world population was converted into zombies magically overnight, it would take the other 5% 20 days at 1 zombie a day to eradicate the horde. If any reasonable model of infection is consulted, a sizable enough portion of the worlds armies would remain uninfected to solve the issue in a matter of hours.

Comment: Re:Oh God No... (Score 1) 222

by RivenAleem (#49162861) Attached to: Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel

I read this thread and wonder why nobody has mentioned Carrie Fisher. Isn't she returning to Star Wars despite not only aging but also having had a massive drugs and drink phase? Is that not a case where they felt that the only person suitable to play Leia is herself?

If you wanted to show Harrison Ford as an aged Deckard, but portray Rachel as unaged, you could cast Krysten Ritter in her place. They look similar enough and she could play the character fine I'm sure.

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 162

by RivenAleem (#49128345) Attached to: Should a Service Robot Bring an Alcoholic a Drink?

A bartender is under no obligation to refuse an alcoholic a drink. An alcoholic might arrive in the bar, 15 years sober and ask for a drink. How is the barman to know? Either way, it's not illegal for him to serve the alcoholic.

Robots should be programed to obey the law. There is no law against serving alcoholics, there is a law against serving people underage.

Your point seems to be different to the topic of the article, which isn't about serving people already dangerously drunk.

Comment: Re:Sweet F A (Score 2) 576

The second point is not really relevant, given that the thought experiment is about our ability to detect something that was invading us. If they are invading us, then they have found us.

So you now have to explain 2 discrepancies in technology. 1) They are sufficiently advanced to have found us. 2) They are sufficiently advanced to get to us.

The more you add to the list of things they would have to have in order to invade us, the less and less likely they are missing the things required to eliminate us undetected. For example, you would have a hard time explaining how they can move their fleet across the vast void of space, but can't move a sufficient number of asteroids from an asteroid belt to populous locations on Earth's surface.

This is why I dislike most alien invasion movies.

Comment: Re:Heat Death of the Universe (Score 2) 54

by RivenAleem (#49065941) Attached to: Something Resembling 'The Wheel of Time' Aired Last Night On FXX

Yes, you were joking, however, it made a number of shocking omissions in the few minutes it actually did run. It was as if, realising they had nil for a SFX budget, they decided that Lews Therin did himself in with a knife instead of overdrawing on the source and creating Dragonmount. Also, there was no rippling of floors and walls in after-shock from him using the power to murder his entire family.

The other bits weren't that bad though. No, wait, they were. They got Ilyena "Sunhair"'s hair colour wrong.

Comment: Re:what about skinny people? (Score 1) 378

by RivenAleem (#49024163) Attached to: Woman Suffers Significant Weight Gain After Fecal Transplant

I don't like to quote something possibly over-used, but "Absence of proof is not proof of absence."

To adequately prove psychopaths don't thrive in a primarily psychopathic society, we'd have to run several experiments where varying groups of people try to form a society with a range of ratios between normal and psychopathic people.

I'd hate to be the one normal guy in that group!

Committees have become so important nowadays that subcommittees have to be appointed to do the work.